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May 18, 2021

Activities that are becoming “common” while taking holidays in the UK

The UK is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes and stunning cities.

UK tourism contributed almost £3 billion to the economy and supported over 2.6 million jobs.

The most popular UK cities for tourists

Each city offers a range of interesting and exciting activities for tourists, but what are the most popular cities and why?


The capital city is heaving with things to do—art galleries, museums, and restaurants to delight even the pickiest eaters.

Statista reports that in 2019, London received 21.7 million visitors. Compared to the second most visited city, Edinburgh with 2.2 million, that is a marked preference for London.

The leading attractions in London are:

• The National Gallery
• Tate Modern
• British Museum
• Royal Botanic Gardens


Scotland is stunning, and there are so many places to visit. Edinburgh is a city steeped in history with some of the most beautiful buildings in the UK.

The leading attractions in Edinburgh are:

• Edinburgh Castle
• Stone of Destiny
• Royal Yacht Britannia
• National Museum of Scotland


Ireland is known for its friendly people, and its breathtaking coastlines and castles.

The leading attractions in Belfast are:

• Titanic Belfast
• Ulster Museum
• The Botanic Gardens
• Crumlin Road Gaol

Cities will always be popular hubs for tourists. They are packed with hotels to meet all budgetary needs and brimming with activities.

In recent years though, there has been a shift in holidays that people have been enjoying.

Travellers from within the UK and overseas seek a more relaxing getaway, with a strong focus on activities that bring them closer to nature.

The UK has some of the most beautiful countryside areas globally, so it isn’t hard to see why people want to visit.
Which activities can bring holidayers closer to nature?
Gone are the days where the closest you could get to staying in nature was a tent and a portable camping stove. Although great, it doesn’t suit everyone!


Glamping has seen a huge increase in popularity. Situating itself as the best of both worlds. Glampers get to enjoy the great outdoors, but with all creature comforts that make them feel at home.

Glamping gives the holidaymaker a choice to indulge in the natural surroundings and be as disconnected or connected as they like.

While glamping started as a ‘fancy tent’ or a yurt, you can now stay in pods, treehouses, train carriages and eco-cabins too.

According to Country Living, here are some of the best glamping places that you can stay in:

• Brook House Woods, an adults-only park. It has a few luxurious places to stay, and you can enjoy the beautiful view overlooking Malvern Hills.
• Kudhva is a coastal retreat that offers four cabins. The unique design sets this place apart from most glamping experiences – not to mention it is only open for 28 days a year.
• Blackberry Wood is in the South Downs National Park and gives you the quirky choice of treehouses, a helicopter or a double-decker bus!

Hiking holidays

What better way to see a wider area of where you are staying than taking a hike?

Taking a holiday to walk might seem like an odd idea to many, but walking is excellent for your physical and mental health.

Not to mention that it can give you an enormous sense of belonging and groundedness.

Walking and more vigorous hiking have always been among the most popular things to do in the UK.

In 2019 there was an upward trend of Britons booking walking holidays. Not only that, but 32% of respondents also wanted to take the opportunity to see wildlife.

When booking a walking holiday, you might even consider taking a walking tour. Just to make sure that you don’t miss out on anything your chosen trail has to offer.

Hills, mountains, coastal and wooded walks – the UK has it all. So, where are the best places to put on your hiking boots and hit the trail?

• If you love the Highlands then walking The Great Glen Way is perfect. A 78-mile walk that will take you from Fort Williams to Inverness. There are plenty of places to stay along the way, and it is perfect for any level of walker.

• The Pennine Way is a highly recommended 251-mile hike that starts in Edale and ends up at the Scottish Borders. There are shorter segments along the way.

• For a coastal walk, The Isle of Wight Coast Path is perfect. It takes 4-6 days and is 70 miles long. It’s a moderate trail, but the views are stunning.


The UK is blessed to be surrounded by beautiful seas and home to some large lakes. You might be surprised just how many people sail, especially if you don’t live near the coast.

But yachting is an amazing experience that offers something new to holidaymakers. It’s possible to head off into the sunset using a Solent yacht charter.

You hire the boat, along with the skipper (or without if you know how to sail) and spend a few days out to sea.

If you fancy a few days soaking up the sun out in the open water, then here are some of the best places for a sailing holiday in the UK.

Boating on the south coast is usually one the best places, for example, Weymouth is well known for hosting sailing competitions, so of course, it would be one of the best places for your sailing holiday. The open views are what make Weymouth special.

• Norfolk Broads offered a different sailing experience, and it is one of the most photographed landscapes in the UK. Comprising several lakes and rivers it makes for great sailing.

• Windermere in the Lake District is a very popular sailing spot. You might not spend the whole time on the water, but there are plenty of nearby lodgings that mean you can sail daily.

Tourists and Britons alike are looking for simpler lives, and what could be simpler than walking, sleeping outdoors, and sailing?

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