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March 31, 2021

Alexandra Wood launches ‘The Bespoke Signature Collection’

Alexandra isn’t your usual tailor. For one, she’s a woman. One of the first on Savile Row, and still something of a rarity. Driven by a desire to make the world of men’s tailoring more personal and less intimidating, Alexandra began her tailoring career in womenswear but quickly discovered that she had a hidden talent for making men look ‘more’.

Since opening the doors to her own business in 2007, Alexandra has personally designed suits for a whole host of high-profile men seeking a tailored look that squares up to the public eye. In addition to helping politician Chuka Umunna land successive placings in GQ’s Top 50 Best Dressed and being described by best-selling author and GQ journalist, Tony Parsons as the “tailor of the 21st century,” Alexandra has been a regular fixture in the fashion press – featuring in titles such as Forbes, The Sunday Times Style, The Guardian as well as Forbes Women and CEO Magazine.

Alexandra Wood has launched her new, exclusive and bespoke collections for men in preparation for their full post lockdown reveal.

With the end of the pandemic restrictions in sight and the prospect of spending sprees – life will be reminiscent of The Roaring Twenties, so what better time than now to perfect your entire wardrobe with a bespoke collection to wow!

After a full year of wearing lounge and gym wear, Alexandra wants to show men just how good they can look, with the most luxurious and unique of image refinements.

She has created a suite of seven stylish collections that are personally designed, tailored and styled for the professional man with no time to shop, but all the desire to look incredible. There will be no more wondering what to wear for which occasion, all the thinking and preparation has been done, it is just a case of selecting the outfit for the relevant event.

The entire range costs £60,000 or each collection can be bought separately depending on your personal requirements.

Alexandra personally designs and tailors every item of clothing imaginable; there are no limitations. With an eye for making men look ‘more’ Alexandra has a passion for cut, texture, colour and cut, to create timeless designs that will leave each man looking unique and effortlessly stylish from the beach to the boardroom. The collection includes casual, smart/casual, business, accessories, holiday, events & occasions. Alexandra’s acute understanding of her customers’ lifestyle enables her to curate a collection completely bespoke to the individual.

“My customers have no spare time on their hands and want someone to deal with everything for them without having to spend tireless hours on non-eventful shopping trips. The thought here is handing the keys over, as it were, to someone they can trust to make them look effortlessly stylish is an enticing prospect.” Alexandra says.

“Our customers collect and appreciate classic cars, watches, and works of art so why not do the same with your clothes? Hence the name. Bespoke because each collection is unique to its owner. Signature because each piece is designed and signed personally by Alexandra, and collection because that is what it is, your own personal, wearable collection of unique works of art.”

Appointments are available in her either her Savile Row showroom or in their 400 year old tailoring showroom in Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire.

The Seven Signature Lifestyle Collections:

The City Collection – Do business in first class style, with a personally designed, tailored and styled collection of professional looks that will be tailor made for success.

Your collection will include five of our exquisite, luxury Savile Row suits which will be immaculately tailored to you, 10 of our exquisitely cut business shirts and one of our exclusive, Ventile Raincoats.

Your collection will also include a set of luxury accessories that will be your own wearable art with a hand drawn collection of the finest and most exclusive silk ties and pocket squares. To polish your collection off, we will curate you an exclusive range of shoes to compliment your new looks.

£9,650 + VAT

The Holiday Collection  – Look hot, while staying cool in our key Summer designs.

Your collection will include five pairs of sumptuously tailored cotton shorts, five luxury, organic cotton tailored T-Shirts, five beautifully cut shirts, with 2/3 pairs of tailored trousers, along with two of our light-as-air, unconstructed sports jackets made from the finest fabrics. Each outfit will be paired with shoes to co-ordinate with all outfits.

£6,800 + VAT

The Travel collection – We ensure that your style will be off to a flying start with a personal collection of key designs that require minimal effort yet create maximum impact.

Your collection will include three of our exquisitely made, luxury Savile Row suits made for travelling in style, four practical yet comfortable and superbly stylish, crease free shirts, two pairs of comfortable, exclusive trousers along with a lighter than air, unconstructed sports jacket.

£6,130 + VAT

The Smart/Casual collection – We will perfect your effortlessly stylish balance of smart blended with casual pieces. Being one of the trickiest of all dress codes, we ensure you always look comfortable yet stylish.

Your collection will include four immaculately cut, tailored sports jackets made from the latest designs, a pair of our super lightweight, deliciously comfortable Jeans, four stunningly tailored trousers, four pieces of luxury knitwear that will be curated exclusively for you, along with five beautifully, tailored shirts. To complete your look, we will curate a collection of shoes to complement each one of your divine new looks.

£8,200 + VAT

The Weekend collection – The perfect choice for your off duty looks with our impeccably cut, stylish yet timeless casual pieces.

Your collection will include two pairs of our deliciously lightweight jeans, three pairs of immaculately cut trousers, four pieces of luxury knitwear which will be curated exclusively for you, our iconic JD Harrington Jacket, along with five beautifully cut shirts, completed with five luxury organic, tailored T-Shirts and a curated collection of shoes to pair with each one of your outfits.

£5,570 + VAT

The Events collection – Always look the part with key designs that will ace your style, all the way from a day at Wimbledon to a day at the races.

Your collection will include an exquisitely made dinner suit, a finely cut and elegant morning suit, with four luxurious sports jackets made in the finest fabrics, four beautifully made, tailored trousers, five immaculately cut shirts, completed with a set of five stunning, hand drawn and made luxury, silk pocket squares.

£9,470 +VAT

The Country collection – Your unique, tailored shooting attire will keep you stylish, comfortable, and camouflaged.

Your collection will include an immaculately tailored shooting jacket made with comfort in mind, a classic, timeless tweed jacket with a fresh, modern twist, and a pair of breeches or trousers to make your entire look; glorious.

£3,390 + VAT

Alexandra’s new bespoke collection is already becoming an appealing choice to her existing clients. No sporadic buying sprees, just one unique, timeless collection that will last for years to come, with only two hours of their time initially spent.

A deposit of £5,000 is required to secure a booking with Alexandra Wood Bespoke Collection

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