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August 3, 2020

Fly safe and travel in style with Alkan Air’s private jet line

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic people have been certainly going the extra mile to keep themselves and loved ones safe, and because Alkan Air puts your safety first, the company has gone above and beyond to ensure you safe travel.

Being the first-ever private jets airliner in Egypt and founded back as early as 1997, Alkan Air has certainly earned the trust of both national and international guests. With client proximity and convenience in mind and a prime location at Cairo International airport, flying has never been made easier.

With certifications from the Civil Aviation Authority, Egypt Civil Aviation as well as San Marino Aviation and many others, Alkan Air has definitely gained great credibility and built itself a fine repute in the global market.

It was a pleasure talking to Akan Air’s team who spoke to us about the airline and their services,

“Since we take off to the sky we provide exclusive luxurious services to Domestic and international clients.

Our location at Cairo International airport has made it very convenient for our clients to reach us.

Our schedules are flexible and tailored to suit your needs with a response service around the clock meaning; we can save your last minute’s plans giving you the fastest quotations with no hidden fees.

Driven by our passion and constant strive for perfection we make every flight worth remembering by offering you superior features from high-performance business jets.

Each jet is operated by two pilots – both of which are certified, and type rated for the aircraft they are flying.

At Alkan Air we only allow our pilots to fly one aircraft type. This means that in an emergency their responses are intuitive and assured. No hesitation. No confusion. No compromise to pilots’ performance, reaction speed or safety in any way.

Regardless of pilots’ experience, whether they have been flying military jets for 20 years of sitting in the captain’s seat of an Airbus for 10 years, Alkan Air puts all pilots through the same training regime. All of them attend flight simulator at Flight Safety International every 6 months.

Not only do strict rules exist, governing the maintenance of the company’s aircraft and who may fly them; aircraft size, airport facilities, and runway length are all factored into the safety equation.”

After spending enough time quarantined, what better way to break the routine than to fly private with Alkan Air. This way you eliminate the risks accompanied by flying commercially as you reduce your contact with people on the flight as well as at the airport, where you will be guided to a private terminal. The diligence taken by Alkan Air airline and its crew is supported by the latest WHO procedures to guarantee you a safe flight.

Flying private gives you more flexibility with customizing trips and scheduling flights. Whether you are flying solo for a business meeting or planning a last-minute getaway with your friends or family, whatever your needs are Alkan Air is more than ready to fulfil all your needs.

A prominent response service goes a long way. Now with 24-hour service, you can make last-minute plans and get detailed quotations, with no hidden fees, in no time. Alkan Air offers other well-needed services such as offering base, engine and line maintenances in addition to supplying spare parts, offering ramp services and having a 24/7 AOG support team and battery shop.

Their fleet is compromised of Hawker 850 XP and Beechcraft King Air 350 jets. The first has a capacity of eight passengers and offers the perfect balance of luxury and comfort, with stand up cabin space and sufficient luggage room. Seats have built-in touch screens to make sure lighting and entertainment systems run smoothly throughout the trip and without any extra effort. As for the Beechcraft jet, it can take up to nine passengers and is equipped with double club design seats to make sure you have all the shoulder and headroom you need. Plus its cabin is soundproof so that you can enjoy a comfortable and peaceful flight.

Stay safe and travel in style with Alkan Air. Keep an eye on their latest offers and trips to Greece at their website or Instagram page to book your next private flight to Athens or Mikonos. Request a quotation by emailing [email protected] with all your trip details, so that their sales team can get back to you with a precise quotation for your trip and a final price that includes all.

Get ready to explore the world again!

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T: +2010 2222 6288

Edited by Yara Gomaa for Luxuria Lifestyle Egypt


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