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January 7, 2022

An Amazing Experience from Gin to Rum: The Best of Both Worlds!

Love gin?

Connoisseurs of gin and rum will constantly be looking for new innovations in flavour, versatility and even the bottle itself! Dedicated fans will look for great and decorative bottles to adorn their shelves or drinks cupboard and keep them even when the last drop of tasty nectar is consumed.

Whether you drink it yourself, share it with friends or buy it as special Christmas or birthday present, you will be delighted with your purchase.

The makers of the cult Snow Globe Gin Liqueur and Sixpence Pud Gin has gone a step further and has introduced the ‘Light up Gin Liqueur Baubles offering as an ultimate gift to yourself or your friends. How better to light up Christmas with this delicious winter berry gin? It’s all clever stuff – a discreet button on the bottom of the bottle will flood your blood and soul before you have even drank a drop – what’s more, it turns itself off after 10 minutes! With a Christmas scene depicted on the bottle you will certainly get into the festive spirit.

Notes of redcurrant, blueberries and cranberries make this liqueur sweet and fruity, perfect with a frosty glass with ice and fresh berries. For a little dryness, try mixing with tonic or ginger ale to give it a zing in your mouth.

Cuban Rum at its best

If you love rum as it makes you think of holidays in the sun, you will certainly swoon over these glorious rums, popular at this time of the year. Whether you drink it on its own with just ice, or turn into one of a multitude of great cocktails, it’s smooth and perfect.

Produced by Ron Santiago de Cuba, this flavoursome rum, reflects its heritage and brings a picture of the vibrant island of Cuba to your living room. The well thought design and the book that comes inside really brings you close to Cuba! Sipping your rum while browsing this magnificent present it is a wonderful experience! With 2 varieties especially recommended at this time of the year, both the 11 year old and the newer 8 year old have a lot to offer the consumer. They will certainly bring a Christmas kick to you and your guests. Whilst being a medium/light rum, it is rich in flavour and can be consumed in cocktails or mixed drinks. Makes a terrific spritz when combined with lime, tonic water and honey syrup.

The taste notes, although blending together well, begin with a hint of oak (the rum is aged in oak barrels) with a touch of caramel and tropical fruit. The pleasant oak flavour continues to the end.

If ever a drink reminded you of exactly where it originates, this is it. It conjures up the dream of the Caribbean Sea lapping gently on the shore, sun-filled days and exotic nights dancing to the Cuban beat. What’s not to love? With a micro-climate so perfect as this, these rums will be the highlight of the festive season.

Especially in time for the season, these rums have a new packaging design, ready to wrap or even better, drink them yourself. You will find them hard to give away!

Both of these rums will be much prized and certainly a connoisseur or collectors dream.
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Santiago De Cuba – Instagram @Ronsantiagodecuba – Ron Santiago de Cuba

The Light-Up Gin Liqueur Baubles are available from Costco and Amazon.

Written by Rafa Zurita for Luxuria Lifestyle London and International

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