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March 31, 2021

Aqua & Rock release their 2021 collection

Aqua & Rock are set to release their new 2021 fully sustainable collection. The brand will launch the collection on the 6th of April at 7AM BST along with a new look to their website. They’ve continued to develop their bio-circular fashion business model supporting their sustainable and eco-friendly message.

The new collection sees the return of some of the brand’s most loved sustainable shirts and dresses. The collection also introduces the brand’s first sustainable coats, including a jet black cocoon coat made from recycled wool, a blue trench coat made from organic cotton and a tailored camel coat made from a recycled wool and cashmere blend. The collection is complimented by a strong colour palette inspired by earthy tones featuring some of Pantone’s stand out shades, Goblin Blue, Toasted Coconut and Riviera.

The collection also features a selection of premium leather pieces. Aqua & Rock have been working with their factories in Italy to develop a bio-circular fashion business model. The model supports local organic farming by taking the leather that is a by-product of the food industry. This leather waste goes through their Ecotan process creating chrome free leather. Due to the ecotan process the leather is safe to be put back into the ground as natural organic fertiliser. This in turn helps to feed the livestock on the organic farms. The cycle is now complete and the process starts again.

During the many hurdles of the pandemic, Aqua & Rock are extremely proud of their continued development into new sustainable fabrics, enhancing their eco-friendly business model and adding new custom pieces to their growing collections.

Aqua & Rock are delighted to offer their new premium collection within a bio-circular fashion model.

“Nature is our future not our inheritance”

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