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March 14, 2022

ARRAN – Fragrance Your Home for Spring

At ARRAN Sense of Scotland, we love spring! It’s a time for new beginnings, lighter days and the first welcome sighting of spring flowers.

At this time of year, we traditionally move away from the heavier, musky scents of winter to lighter florals, refreshing citrus, and fragrant herbaceous notes, reflecting the changing seasons outdoors. And it’s also a time to bring fresh, revitalising fragrance into homes.

Smell is perhaps one of the most impactful of the senses; it plays such a strong role in the recall of memories. Scent has the power to transform a room, and nothing evokes the spirit of spring more than a whiff of zesty bergamot, uplifting citrus, or sweet rose petals.

An inviting home fragrance makes for a welcoming space and is a brilliant way to bring a little bit of the outdoors inside – whether that be with a luxury scented candle, fragrance diffuser or for an instant pop of scent, a room spray.

How to Choose a Home Fragrance Product

Room Sprays

Room spray is essentially perfume for your house. The bottle is ready to use the moment you open it – no preparation or cleaning required – and you can even to take it to the office, a hotel or anywhere else you would like an instant spritz of fragrance and a feeling of home.

You control exactly how often and how much scent you spritz with a room spray, making it a more convenient option than a candle or a reed diffuser. They are also flame-free which means a safer option around children and pets.

ARRAN Sense of Scotland’s luxury room sprays are blended with essential oils and come in a range of gorgeous spring fragrances from Cedarwood & Citrus to Bergamot & Geranium to Wild Gorse – perfect for a quick room refresh or to create an inviting ambience when welcoming guests.

Reed Diffusers

For those who like a continuous fragrance, reed diffusers are the easiest and most low maintenance way to introduce a long-lasting scent. Unlike candles, you can leave them to their own devices and always walk back into a gorgeous smelling space. You can also control the scent intensity by adjusting the number of reeds. Another added bonus is that you can place them wherever you like – hallways, bathrooms, anywhere.

Reed Diffusers are made up of three-ingredient parts; the fragrance oil, the vessel and the reeds or sticks. To use, remove the stopper from the glass bottle and insert the dry reeds into the liquid. The reeds absorb the scent and gently diffuse it into the air.

ARRAN Sense of Scotland’s reed diffusers come in eight different scents and are packed with essential oils for long-lasting fragrance – expect to enjoy for up to six months.

Top tip: rotate the reeds every two to three days for best results.

Scented Candles

If you’re looking for a relaxing ambience, scented candles are probably best for you. Made from a combination of wax, fragrance and scent oil that diffuse aromas into the air when lit, scented candles are fantastic for helping you to calm and de-stress, especially in the evening. And it’s not just about adding beautiful scents to your room, the flickering flame is also perfect for setting a cosy mood.

For best results you should trim the wick to a length of 5mm before each use and aim to light for over an hour. Short burns can considerably cut down the life of a candle, so make sure you allow the pool of molten wax to reach the edge of the candle jar or tin. Also, make sure that you place on a heat resistant surface out of the reach of children and never leave a burning candle unattended.

ARRAN Sense of Scotland’s range of 35cl scented candles are packaged in ARRAN Home candle tins and have a burn time of up to 35 hours.

How to Choose Your Scent

When it comes to choosing the right fragrance, it’s a question of personal preference. A good rule of thumb though, is to choose something fresh for hallways and rooms you spend a lot of time in during the day, something citrussy for kitchens or open plan living spaces that will cut through cooking smells without being too overpowering, and something warm or relaxing (think vanilla or lavender) for bedrooms.

Top tip: changing over your fragrance every now and again will help prevent ‘nose blindness’ or olfactory fatigue.

Our Top Perfume Picks to Spread a Burst of Spring Through Your Home

Mood-boost and motivate with Bergamot & Geranium

A fresh combination of zesty bergamot entwined with the enduring warmth of geranium. Sweet and subtle, this home fragrance is the very epitome of spring. It’s light enough to be used in any space within the home, but ideal for open plan areas and hallways.

Bergamot essential oil has mood-boosting properties, making it a perfect addition to any home office to keep you motivated and energised throughout the day.

Refresh and rejuvenate with Cedarwood & Citrus 

A revitalising citrus scent combination that’s ideal for bringing the outdoors in and helping to keep that all-important connection to nature. Herbaceous notes of lavandin are merged with a heart of bay, cedar and patchouli, enhanced with uplifting lemon citrus – perfect for central spaces within the home, such as the living room.

Relax and recuperate with Jasmine & Philadelphus 

A floral symphony combining notes of jasmine, tuberose and philadelphus for a delicate fragrance that will infuse homes with an essence of spring. Jasmine, similar to lavender, can be used to relieve stress and anxiety, helping the body to relax and unwind making it perfect for relaxing spaces such as bedrooms or sunrooms.

Uplift and unwind with Wild Gorse 

Bring in the refreshing scent of woodland with Wild Gorse – a beautifully balanced blend of musky wood, honeyed florals and a touch of sweetness. Uplifting, fresh and green, with swirls of creamy wood and alluring florals, this fragrance creates a soft and warm feeling within the home.

Top tip: why not elevate your home ambience by combining all three home fragrance products for the ultimate scent boost.

ARRAN Sense of Scotland creates bath, body and home fragrance collections inspired by and proudly made on the Isle of Arran. For three decades, the family-run company has been creating vibrant, evocative scents from their Home Farm factory – an old dairy farm for the historic Brodick Castle. The company has grown significantly since it began as a small, family soap business, but has held true to its island heritage.


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