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April 18, 2022

ARRELS by Marga Coll – Cuisine with roots for the autochthonous

ARRELS presents the most traditional flavours of Mallorcan cuisine revisited by chef Marga Coll.

Mallorca is the place that has everything for the ARRELS experience to make sense, because ARRELS in Mallorcan means roots; and it is precisely in the island’s deepest roots where the essence of a restaurant different from the others is sustained.

The Mediterranean climate and its four seasons decide the exact moment when the products offered by the sea and the land have to be harvested. A natural process that in ARRELS, being the basis of our cuisine, we deeply respect: seasonal produce.

The selection criteria that inspires chef Marga Coll every morning implies, above all, quality and freshness.

Marga begins very early in the market where she prepares the menu of the day from the fresh products she finds: fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and condiments.

In her notebook she writes down the dishes she has found and which she will later elaborate, transforming the fresh and quality raw material into exquisite dishes. In this way, the best of each day will end up being part of the ARRELS menu; because this is how our “menu” is decided, choosing the best products that the day offers us. The philosophy that makes us special: From the market to the table.

Tradition and avant-garde

Marga Coll is in love with Mallorca, its products and its culinary tradition, that’s why her purpose, from the beginning, has been to recover, reinvent and vindicate a cuisine rich in flavours and variety, but always with the deepest respect for tradition.

Gastronomic moments ideally represented in ARRELS

Breakfast, which is said to be the most important meal of the day, has a very special role at ARRELS.

A different breakfast, unique on the island. A taste and sensory experience of more than two hours, an exquisite gastronomic journey in five stages through the original products of Balearic gastronomy. A celebration of the local cuisine, an experience that is only possible at ARRELS.

Dinner, every day a new selection of 7 dishes for an exquisite tasting menu.

When the day ends, the magic begins: the incredible views of the Mediterranean Sea, the suggestive lighting of the delicate gardens, a combination that results in a fascinating evening of flavors, textures, smells and colors tasted in front of the sea.

Arrels&Relax Packages

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A special place

The taste for the original products of the island and simple authenticity are combined with the excellence, service and elegance of Hotel de Mar, Gran Meli√°. A perfect location to enjoy a unique gastronomic experience.

W: Restaurante ARRELS
E: Reservations
T: (+34) 971 40 25 11


We accept bookings with children as from 15 years old.

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