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October 29, 2023

Asterion Suites & Spa, Crete – King of the stars!

Who knew that EasyJet sold luxury package holidays? I certainly did not! When I was told I was going on an EasyJet luxury holiday, I instantly thought of travel rep holidays, but let me tell you now, this was far from the case! EasyJet holidays have partnered with hundreds of luxury hotels far and wide, where you can book your package holiday free of all stress! Your flights, transfers and 23KG of hold luggage are all included, beginning your trip in the best way possible.

Once we arrived at Asterion Suites & Spa, a gorgeous boutique hotel, we were greeted with a red rose, adding an extra special touch to our arrival. Followed by our red rose we were given a delicious, healthy mocktail filled with natural ingredients that aim to boost your immune system; it was so tasty. We also tried some traditional Greek sweets called Loukoumi which are like small fruity flavoured cubes covered in sugar. I loved them so much that I treated myself to a box of them on my way home, to remind me of my wonderful time in Chania.

As we walked through the hotel on the way to see our room reveal (my favourite part of any trip), we were hit with the most luxurious Black Orchid scent permeating all around the corridors, it’s an Ambery floral scent which instantly makes you feel at peace. When you enjoy the smell of a fragrance, it’s known to improve your mood as it increases your endorphins and serotonin levels, enhancing your overall happiness. I also think that you associate certain smells with memories, so whenever I smell Black Orchid now, it’ll transport me back to my wonderful time at Asterion Suites & Spa.

Asterion Suites & Spa is a five-star boutique hotel designed for adults who want to have a luxurious experience which still feels private. The hotel has 67 rooms; each has a stunning view of the sea, garden or pool making it aesthetically beautiful, whichever room you choose. I was in the Ocean One-Bedroom Suite and had it all to myself; these suites can host up to four guests! My bed was so comfortable, it had 100% Egyptian cotton sheets which was so relaxing that I fell asleep almost instantly, which is impressive for a girl who finds it hard to fall asleep quickly. The style of the hotel overall is very minimalistic and is something I’m drawn to as I feel clutter-free spaces help to improve my mental health and well-being. When the design of a hotel is more simplistic, it adds value to your stay as it creates a stress-free environment making you feel more relaxed. That is something that our group mentioned throughout our time at Asterion; the atmosphere around the hotel has a unique way of ensuring you feel at peace and well-rested.

The room was revealed; my bedroom was connected to a spacious bathroom, an open-plan kitchenette and a sitting room area, and I had my very own luxury swim-up pool which I mentioned above, this allows total privacy if that is what you need, I think this makes it perfect for couples and honeymooners. I also want to add that the pool temperature was ideal too, it wasn’t breathtakingly cold, and it felt easy to dip in and out.

The hotel staff make you feel like family; when I mentioned that their hospitality made me feel like they were my relatives, they replied that was one of the main concepts of the hotel. They wanted to sell an experience; they wanted us to feel like we were at home; they certainly achieved that. When you are made to feel so welcome and genuinely cared for, it makes you want to return because it’s not just the hotel they’re selling; it’s the lifestyle!

On our first night, we were invited to the ‘Naked Star’ bar for sunset cocktails; I ordered a Piña Colada because it’s my favourite holiday cocktail and because it complimented the gorgeous pink and lemon sunset perfectly! Can you tell I’m a photographer? Matching my cocktail based on the sunset’s aesthetic, I couldn’t resist.

For our evening meal at Cretan A La Carte Restaurant 35, I chose a truffle and mushroom tagliatelle pasta; the flavours combined were stunning; each mouthful somehow better than the last. Alongside that, we tried various traditional Greek starters; I was especially fond of the Saganaki; it’s a piece of fried cheese; topped with a sweet sauce; writing this review is making me rather hungry!

On our first morning, we began our day, with some yoga on the hotel’s beachfront, just as the sun was rising. The yoga session felt very special; at first, I found it quite hard to quiet my mind and enjoy the activity; after great advice from our instructor, I learned to be in the present moment and to give my wandering thoughts no attention. During our session, I wasn’t as flexible as I thought I would be; over time, your body can learn these movements to become more flexible which I’ll definitely continue when I’m home. We also experienced some sound healing therapy which at first seemed peculiar as I’d never had it done before; but in fact, I really quite enjoyed it as it had a calming effect on my soul.

After our yoga session, we went for breakfast; they serve all kinds of traditional Greek cuisine; Greek yoghurt and honey were a must for me each morning, followed by Spanakopita, feta and spinach wrapped in filo pastry, which was absolutely delicious.

We then went to our gorgeous hotel room and got ourselves ready for our totally luxurious yacht experience with Chania Yachting. The tour began from the Old Port and took us to the most photographed beach in Crete, the Balos Lagoon and the views were epic! I must say for all of us; I think this day was our favourite. We had six hours of sunbathing, chatting, swimming in the sea, exploring caves, seeing a shipwreck and eating the most amazingly prepared Cretan banquet on board! We were spoiled.

On our last day, we began our morning with a luxury massage at the hotel Orion Spa; I chose a full body massage and what a treat that was. I didn’t think I could be more relaxed than I was; this treatment transported me into a pure zen-like state. I was told that I hold all the tension in my neck and feeling my masseuse iron out those knots was highly satisfying.

Later that day, we visited Anoskeli Winery Olive Mill; to learn all about how olive oil is made and also experienced wine tasting! Wine tasting has been on my bucket list for ages, so I was excited that I ticked that off. I was also surprised that I enjoyed drinking red wine; I’m usually a white or rosé girl, so that was news to me. And if all that wasn’t enough, our lovely PR Becky arranged a cookery class for us which was one of my favourite experiences of the trip. It was at a restaurant called Frosinis, run by the warmest and most welcoming family. My favourite dish we were taught to make was the Boureki which was essentially potato, courgette and lots of moreish Greek cheese. Everything is cooked in giant cauldrons on the wood stove and you can watch your dishes being cooked right in front of you. I cannot wait to make my own Boureki at home (minus the cauldron), it was just such a soul-gratifying experience being taught how to make it ourselves, the flavours were so authentically Greek and delicious.

Overall, Crete was a beautiful island to visit; emerald green clear waters, lemon sunsets, warm weather, great hospitality and delicious food; it was definitely a trip I will remember forever. The six of us who experienced this journey together; hold a special place in my heart. We laughed so much during our trip, had the most interesting conversations, learned new things and most importantly, I made new friends who I’ll treasure forever.

For more information on visiting Crete – please see here

A: PEO Kissamou Chanion, Platanias 730 14, Greece
T: +30 2821 020945
W: Asterion Suites & Spa

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EasyJet holidays offer seven nights at the 5* Asterion Suites & Spa in an Ocean One-Bedroom Swim-up Suite with a garden view, on a Bed & Breakfast basis for £1219 per person including 23kg of luggage per person, transfers and flights from London Luton on 1 May 2023.

EasyJet holidays offers seven nights at the 5* Asterion Suites & Spa in a Cosmos Superior Double Room with a garden view, on a Bed & Breakfast basis for £784 per person including 23kg of luggage per person, transfers and flights from London Luton on 1 May 2023.

Written by Danielle Tobin for Luxuria Lifestyle London and International

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