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August 18, 2022

Award-winning New Zealand Cardona Distillery brings a touch of class to vodka

Award-winning Cardrona Distillery, has launched its super-premium single malt vodka, ‘the reid’, into the UK, to critical acclaim.

This exquisite tasting vodka draws on the purest Alpine water sourced from the heart of Mount Cardrona, in New Zealand’s South Island, and combines it with 2 simple ingredients, malted barley and yeast, to create a unique, creamy spirit. These simple ingredients are distilled in a German made Jacob Carl column still, to produce its unparalleled signature taste. This lends a unique flavour profile.

‘the reid’ single malt vodka – 700ml (RRP £55)

Great vodka starts with great ingredients, and ‘the reid’ Single Malt Vodka is crafted exclusively from the King of Grains – malted barley – giving a decadently rich spirit layered with character. Pear drops, toffee and biscuits on the nose with a weighted spirit on the tongue. Exquisite sipped neat or mixed into a crafted cocktail. 44% abv.

Hand-distilled and bottled in Cardona, this New World vodka was created craftswoman Desiree Reid. Founded in 2015, Cardrona Distillery is family-owned and operated, and is today one of Australasia’s fastest growing super premium distilleries.

The ideal gift or accompaniment for enjoying alongside quality food, ‘the reid’ can be easily paired with a variety of fish, game and farm produce. It also adds an incredible twist to many classic cocktails, offering a richness on the palate, dry finish and mineral undertones not often achieved in commercial mainstream spirit production.

‘the reid’ is now available from Harrods, selected Waitrose stores across the UK and Waitrose,, selected bottle shops and bars nationwide. It can also be purchased directly from here

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