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July 8, 2021

Azuaya – Amazonian Skincare

Our mission was to create skincare that was vegan, cruelty free, and organic without affecting the beautiful environment it came from. We’ve formulated the journey to the Fountain of Youth by using ethically sourced ingredients used by the indigenous people of the Amazônia, combining the most potent anti-ageing plants of the Amazon such as Guaraná, Muru Muru and Buriti to give you luxurious yet completely natural skincare.

Our Youth Extending Glow Cream combines the most potent anti-ageing plants of the Amazon (Guaraná, Buriti and Muru Muru) with Citric & Mandarin essential oils.

The Rejuvenating Hyda-Serum has been created using the Amazon Rainforest’s most potent, anti-aging plants. Guarana, Buriti, along with Andiroba oil and other organic ingredients, have formed together to create a silky, naturally enriched and fast absorbing oil-based serum.

Azuaya is the brainchild of best friends Harry and Paolo. They have built the Azuaya skincare range through their love of the Amazon Rainforest and filling the niche of luxurious yet ethical skincare for all skin types.

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