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June 13, 2024

Beautifect – award winning brand revolutionising makeup routines

We’ve all attempted to apply makeup on dark mornings and before frantic school runs and then arrived at work to find the tell-all office strip lighting cruelly pointing out that we did indeed go a little heavy on the blusher.

Beautifect believes that the daily ritual of makeup application should not belong in a darkened room, fighting against poor lighting and away from friends and family.  Instead, your makeup routine should be an empowering and enjoyable experience with an associated freedom to get ready wherever and whenever that may be.

Pioneering within its industry; Beautifect creates and develops what can only be termed best-in-class beauty products, designed to outperform anything else on the market.  Founded by dental surgeon, Dr Tara Lalvani in 2020, the brand now has many retail partners and has enjoyed numerous sell-out moments with a steadfast community of customers behind the brand.

The inspiration behind the Beautifect Box, the hero product from which the brand grew, came from the obstacles that founder Dr Tara Lalvani experienced during her daily makeup routine. She yearned for a product that would make it easier for her to apply her makeup on the go – and that was when she envisioned something akin to what the Beautifect Box is today.

The brand’s founder, Dr Tara Lalvani notes that her experience as a dentist heavily influenced the creative process behind Beautifect, referencing the similarities between the Beautifect Box and a dental tray.

‘Applying my makeup always felt like an inconvenience, I had to leave my family and go to a different room, the lighting was poor and my makeup was disorganised in messy makeup bags. I was wasting valuable time every day taking out my makeup and then having to tidy it all away again. I tried searching for a better way but to my surprise, I couldn’t find one. That’s when I set out on a mission, determined to make women’s lives easier,’ said Dr Tara.

A makeup system you’ll quickly realise you can no longer live without, the brand boasts an innovative portfolio of products within its range:

Beautifect Glow Mirror £149

Fully customisable with three lighting colour environments, the all-new Glow Mirror relies on a   Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of 95+, accurately replicating evening, daylight and bright sun to show every detail and colour. The precision control dial lets you adjust the level of brightness to accommodate for both relaxing evening self-care routines and precision tasks whilst the rotating design offering 45-degree rotation ensures you can sit comfortably at all times. The main mirror enables you to view your entire face at once whilst the additional 5x magnification mirror attaches magnetically to allow for detailed tasks such as tweezing and precise makeup application. Compact yet substantial, the Glow Mirror is the perfect size to fit seamlessly into your daily routine without taking up too much space.

Beautifect Box  £279

With advanced lighting technology and sophisticated design, the luxury Beautifect Box offers a way of getting ready that truly elevates beauty routines.  Expertly engineered and unique to Beautifect is the powerful and advanced luminous system, perfectly replicating daylight and evening light whilst eliminating shadows by evenly dispersing light over the entirety of the face. A 21st-century dressing table with smart storage solutions, the product relies on patented design and advanced lighting technology boasting a high Color Rendering Index (CRI) that allows you to see true-to-life colours and shades for flawless makeup application, any time of the day or night.

Beautifect Tweezer £18.95

An everyday staple redefined to perform like no other.

Professional Brush Collection £79.00 

Master your complexion with the unrivalled Professional Brush Collection. This premium set boasts 8 pro-level brush heads to elevate your makeup.

Beautifect Pod with Blender  £18.95 

The Beautifect Pod is the ultimate accessory to protect and store your Beautifect Blender. Stylish enough to showcase, yet durable, lightweight and protective. Finally, a place to keep your Blender between uses!

Beautifect Silk Eye Mask £29.00

Beauty starts with your sleep and now you can experience a beauty sleep like never before. Wake up feeling refreshed, glowing and ready for the day!

The Beautifect Tote in nude

A testament to refined taste and discerning style, the Beautifect Tote embodies sophistication with its sleek design and impeccable craftsmanship. With its comfortable carry handles and sharp silhouette, it’s the perfect companion for an on-the-go lifestyle.

Beautifect Black Toiletry Bag

Delve into the realm of luxury with the Black Toiletry Bag, a masterpiece of design and functionality. Featuring a chic clutch-like pouch design, vegan leather, suede, and signature rose gold zip detail. A wipeable clear exterior allows for easy access to your essentials. Whether you’re travelling or tackling your daily routine, this bag is your ultimate companion for staying organized in style and maximizing your packing requirements.

The Beautifect Vanity Bag in Black

Adorned with exquisite rose gold accents, this vanity bag exudes sophistication while offering unparalleled functionality. Crafted with luxury vegan leather and adorned with rose gold signature zip finishes, it’s as stylish as it is functional. The soft faux-suede lining and durable clear exterior with three designated compartments ensure your beauty essentials are effortlessly organized and readily accessible. Compact yet spacious, this bag is perfect for keeping your makeup collection in check wherever you go.

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