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September 13, 2022

Best Luxury Jewelry Advice For Savvy Women

If you are lucky to afford the luxury, you will probably have fine jewelry on your wishlist. It is hard to resist gold and diamonds for women who love the best things in life. But you must be practical with jewelry purchases, even when money isn’t a thing to worry about. After all, you must get value for your money as you build a collection you can wear today and bequeath to the next generations. Fortunately, you need not be a mathematician or scientist to buy the best without wasting a dollar. Here is the best luxury jewelry advice for savvy women.

Set an annual budget

You may have millions in your kitty, but setting an annual budget for jewelry shopping makes sense. Setting a budget is not always about saving money, but it is more about looking before leaping. It keeps you from shopping impulsively and picking things you may regret later. You may still set a fat check aside every year as you build your luxury collection over time.

Use your heart and head

Once again, being sensible and avoiding impulsive behavior is the best piece of advice for savvy women. You should listen to your heart, but remember to use your brain before sealing the deal. Check details regarding the purity of metals and quality of diamonds in the first place. Also, stick with hallmarked and certified pieces, so you do not have second thoughts about spending thousands on them.

Order custom pieces

Savvy women love to personalize their jewelry collections. The easiest way to do it is by opting for custom pieces. Experts at Virginia Ann Designs suggest ideating your design before approaching a designer for custom jewelry. You can discuss your requirements with a designer if you do not have a clear vision of what you expect. A seasoned professional can actually help you with alternatives that ensure the best products with smaller spending.

Avoid falling for trends

Jewelry trends come and go, but not all of them are timeless. Falling for them is not a great idea, specifically if they do not align with your style and preferences. Getting stuck with a large piece worth thousands is the last thing you want when you prefer minimalist jewelry. Of course, you may add a piece or two from a trending collection to your assortment. But visualize yourself wearing them ten years later. Also, buy only if you can wear them for different occasions.

Prioritize storage and maintenance

Being money savvy is also about making your expensive jewelry pieces last forever. The best way to do it is by following the best practices for its storage and management. You must have a secure space to store your collection. Additionally, follow the wearing rules to keep your gold lustrous and diamonds intact over the years. Do not shy about spending for professional care and insurance of your treasure.

You can spend a fortune on luxury jewelry and be money-savvy at the same time, no matter how contradictory the two things sound. Follow these tips to stay ahead on both fronts.

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