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June 7, 2021

Best Places to Stay in the Algarve, Portugal

With non-essential travel finally resuming, many people will be setting off for a well-deserved summer vacation and Portugal could be an excellent choice not only because it is on the Government’s green list (meaning that you do not have to quarantine). Portugal is deemed safe to travel to, but it is still vital that you abide by Government guidelines and to look at foreign travel advice to stay safe and protect public health.

The Algarve

The Algarve, in particular, would be a good choice for a summer holiday. This is because there is an incredible climate thanks to its position right at the tip of Southern Europe, there are stunning beaches and natural beauty to discover, some of the best golf courses in Europe and many great cities and places to stay.

Fabulous Beaches

Many people have been craving sun, sea and sand during COVID-19 and this is understandable when people have spent so much time inside, so the Algarve would certainly be a great place for a rewarding holiday and hopefully help you to put the difficulties and stresses of COVID-19 out of your mind for a while.

Something for Everyone

Another reason that Algarve is a good choice for a summer holiday is that it is well-suited to every type of holidaymaker whether you are travelling with family, going on holiday with friends or for a romantic getaway. You can enjoy thrilling activities like surfing and other water sports, lounge on the beach, go out drinking at night, enjoy Portugal’s famous food and wine or explore the natural scenery, so there is enough to keep you happy and entertained here.

Where to Stay

In terms of places to see, you have many great options and it is worth spending some time exploring the different options along the south coast. Faro is the obvious choice and easiest place to reach because you can simply catch a train to Luton to catch direct flights from Luton Airport to Faro in the Algarve. Faro is the capital of the region and therefore somewhere with plenty of history and culture to enjoy with many tourist attractions, including the historic city centre encircled by ancient walls.

Lagos is another popular place to stay with stunning beaches and natural beauty. On top of this, it tends to be quieter than other resort towns so it is certainly worth looking into. If you are looking for somewhere slighter livelier with a great nightlife then Albufeira could be your best choice and somewhere that is fantastic fun.

The Algarve could be the place to be this summer as it is on the green list and also somewhere that would be an idyllic escape after such a stressful period where people had to spend so much time indoors.

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