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November 23, 2022

Best Ways to Upgrade and Add Value to Your Boat

While your boat can last up to 10 years, you need to perform regular maintenance and upgrades to keep it in the best condition for optimal enjoyment during your boating trips. Upgrading your boat can also increase its value, helping you make the most money once you decide to sell it. However, not all boat upgrades will give you the most value.

You need to know which upgrades are worth it and which ones to avoid. This is important because minor boat upgrades like a new t-top from Stryker T-Tops can bring more value than some expensive upgrades. Not only can a t-top increase your boat’s resale value, but it can also boost its aesthetic appeal and make it more comfortable during boating trips. Choosing the right upgrades can help you enjoy maximum comfort on your trips and improve its future resale value.

The good news is that there are many great boat upgrades that you can make to improve the overall look and comfort of your boat and boost its value, whether you have a family cruiser or a small fishing boat. Here are some of the best ways to upgrade your boat and improve its resale value:

Boat Canvas Replacement or Upgrade Exposure 

Exposure to harsh weather elements can make your boat canvas wear out faster than other parts of your boat. While regular cleaning and replacing zippers and re-stitching can help add a few years to your canvas, you’ll want to replace it entirely at some point in time.

If your boat looks dated, replacing the canvas or doing minor changes, such as installing zipper windows, adding screens, or changing the colors, can improve your boat’s canvas functionality and overall look. Upgrading your boat’s canvas is a great way to add a new configuration or design that best suits your boating style. This can be extending the camper enclosure or increasing the helm’s height. This way, your boat’s canvas height can accommodate a taller person and provide much-needed shade during your boat trips. You may also find it helpful to upgrade the boat trailer, a great way to do that is to shop for boat trailer parts.

Boat Deck Carpet Replacement

Another great way to upgrade your boat is to install a new deck carpet. Replacing worn-out carpets can help increase your boat’s value. Replace the boat deck carpet after every five years or any time you notice signs of wear and tear or staining. The good thing is that there are many different carpets to choose from for your boat’s deck, including marine-grade deck carpets like the manufacturer’s custom-fit carpet. You can also choose to cut off-the-shelf outdoor carpet and install it on your boat or buy do-it-yourself deck carpet kits. Replacing your old deck carpet with a new one gives your boat a fresh new look while providing luxurious comfort on your feet after enjoying a swim at your favorite cove.

Upgrading Electronics with Latest Technology

In today’s digital world, upgrading your boat’s electronics with new technologies can make it more appealing to potential buyers. This can include adding marine GPS systems, marine stereo systems, radar systems, chart plotters, and fish finders. If you want to sell your boat, adding cutting-edge technology and high-tech accessories can help you sell it faster and for the highest price possible.

However, ensure you don’t over-upgrade your boat’s electronics. You can get a desirable technology upgrade with marine electronics without spending a fortune on top-of-the-line models. These upgrades can ensure you enjoy the ultimate boating experience, whether you enjoy fishing, cruising, or boat parties.

Interior Boat Upgrades

One of the easiest ways to give your boat a fresh look is by upgrading the interior space. Interior upgrades also make you feel more comfortable while on board and can help increase its resale value. The great thing is that even minor interior upgrades can hugely impact your boat’s overall feel and look.

Great interior upgrades you can do include replacing old seats with new ones. Instead of replacing the seats entirely, you can also consider replacing the upholstery. Exposure to the sun’s UV rays and water can quickly damage your seat’s fabric and cause them to fade. Installing new fabrics and seat covers on the seats and benches can protect against weather elements, improve your boat’s overall look, and boost its resale value. Other interior upgrades include a new mattress, updated window treatments, and new boat appliances.

Add Led Cockpit or Cabin Lighting

Another simple way to improve your boat’s overall look and ambiance is updating cabin or cockpit lighting. Replace dated lighting with LED lighting strips for smaller boats and recessed LED lighting for larger boats. Add lighting around cup holders and speakers, under counters, and below your seat cushions.

Many of today’s LED strip lights can attach easily using adhesives, while others require to be drilled-in for a more secure fit. Choose a color and style of lighting that will give you an interesting and unique look. Apart from enhancing your boat’s aesthetic appeal, installing modern LED lights can also make your boat more energy efficient. In turn, this increases your boat’s resale value.

Boat Cockpit Refrigerators and Ice Makers

Adding an ice maker or refrigerator is a great upgrade that can increase your boat’s value. It can also be necessary for your boating lifestyle, especially if you do deep-sea fishing. Having an updated cockpit ice maker and refrigerator can also enhance your comfort on deck. This will help you keep your food and beer cool while on a boating trip. Ensure the cooler or ice maker you choose is designed specifically for boating.


Boosting your boat’s resale value doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. From upgrading your boat’s electronics and appliances to installing modern LED lighting and giving it a fresh new cost of paint, there are many simple and affordable ways to upgrade your boat. If you’re not an avid DIY’er, you should consider hiring professional boating services to do the upgrades and repairs. The upgrades mentioned above can make a big difference to the overall look of your boat and its resale value.

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