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February 19, 2021

Bitesize hacks from CAROL – the stationary bike that gives you a 40 second workout

How keeping mentally and physically fit doesn’t need to take hours of your time.

Staying both mentally and physically fit in these difficult times is something we’ve thought about a lot. We’re all navigating an incredibly challenging situation, we’ve all got so much on our plates, and we get it, finding time for self-care, so important for our wellbeing, can sometimes seem impossible.

The team behind CAROL, the scientifically proven AI bike, invented for people who don’t have time to do lengthy workouts, have come up with some small doable changes that can enhance our mind, body and spirit. Their goal is to give you some tools to empower you, give you permission to be human not super-human and help you find some joy and balance, in small bitesize pieces, in your daily life.

Small steps, small changes lead to big differences. If you can get a full workout that not only gets you fit but boosts your mood too in under 9 minutes, what can you do for your mental health in small chunks that are enjoyable and won’t eat into your precious time but will help you feel good. Even if you do one or two these tips a day, you’ll notice a difference and of course, less than 9 minutes on the incredible AI powered CAROL is a sure-fire way to get an incredible endorphin boost, we’re working out on CAROL every day and love how it we are getting fit in the shortest amount of time, leaving us time to do more of the things we love with the people we love.

Using CAROL regularly makes dramatic improvements in blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity, helping metabolise sugar and fat better. Studies have shown that using CAROL has a better impact on blood sugar for diabetics and people who are insulin resistant than regular walking.

We spoke to Ulrich Dempfle of CAROL about why he’s talking about mental health not just getting fit, he told us that: “At CAROL we are always looking at the big picture – we’re not just a stationary exercise bike company and we know that short workouts can make a long-term difference to your physical health, we believe that short self-care practices can also make a big difference to our mental wellbeing . We want to help people feel better, live healthier lives and we know that this involves a 360 approach to how we live. CAROL is the smart workout for our bodies, regular workouts on CAROL can help boost our immune system along, boost our mood and has other fantastic benefits for our health. But, we’re not just about our bodies”,

• Firstly, remember, it’s ok not to be ok – we know it’s a cliché but remember that tomorrow is another day, we all have bad days, especially at the moment

• Stay in touch with family and friends –you might make someone’s day with a short voice or video call – much better than a text – you might be the only person they see or speak to all day

• Do something for someone else – check in on your neighbours – especially the older ones

• Stop beating yourself about not exercising, we understand sometimes you can’t get out the house for 10 minutes, let alone an hour – 3 times a week is enough at the moment

• Switch off the news – troubling times can lead to a rise in anxiety – same for social media – try not to compare yourself to anyone – no one knows what is going on in someone’s life

• Even five minutes of fresh air can make a difference, if the sun is shining get some of that Vitamin D into your body and take some time for some deep lungfuls of fresh air – if it’s raining take an umbrella!

• you don’t have to meditate but try 10 mins of doing nothing every day, and if you can turn off your phone when you go to bed, or if you can’t do that, turn off your notifications at the end of the day and when you go to sleep use an old school alarm clock

• Do those little things that make you happy, and if that includes a couple of squares of chocolate or some other indulgence after a long day go for it

• Be kind, not just to others but to yourself and do something small towards your goal every day and think of some things that you are grateful for every day

• Set realistic goals and give yourself a time slot to complete tasks, that stops them hanging over your head

• One day at a time, and sometimes, if you’re having a rough day, one hour at a time! We’ll get through this together
And…always find time for the things that make you feel happy to be alive…
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