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November 15, 2023

Bombay Sapphire Launches ‘Saw this made this’ – Art bites

Prepare to feast your eyes on the ‘Saw This Made This – Art Bites’ edible art experience by BOMBAY SAPPHIRE. Six UK bars renowned for leading creativity in cocktail culture have taken inspiration from their home cities to curate a series of striking gin-infused artistic jelly cube and cocktail pairings.

Bombay Sapphire ‘Saw This Made This – Art Bites’

Introducing a new artform that breaks the mould, BOMBAY SAPPHIRE has teamed up with London’s Blue Bar at The Berkeley, Ester, The Bar Below at Hide, and Sager + Wilde Paradise Row, Manchester’s Exhibition and Edinburgh’s Hey Palu to create gin-infused artistic jelly cube and cocktail pairings as part of the BOMBAY SAPPHIRE ‘Saw This Made This’ campaign.

Each of the six, unique ‘Saw This Made This’ art bite designs have taken creative inspiration from the bar’s local area – including the likes of the iconic flower stalls on East London’s Columbia Road and the striking beauty of the National Monument of Edinburgh. Head bartenders from each venue have crafted a bespoke cocktail, a work of art in its own right, to perfectly complement the art bite pairing. The experience invites gin lovers to enjoy bitesize art that’s good enough to eat, served up in an eye-catching jelly medium, paired with a creative cocktail serve.

Tapping into the cultural trend and desire for nostalgia with a contemporary twist, jelly is being reimagined and is finding favour among a growing, discerning audience.

Globally, individual artists and creative brands have sculpted and suspended objects in jelly, with new and playful takes on all things jelly being widely celebrated on social media; #jello has an impressive 1.6 billion views on TikTok. BOMBAY SAPPHIRE is shining a light on this growing trend across the UK, inviting guests to be creatively inspired by the ‘Saw This Made This – Art Bites’ duo; a cocktail served alongside a bespoke jelly design.

The Art Bites experience is the latest activity from BOMBAY SAPPHIRE, launched as part of the ‘Saw This Made This’ global campaign, where the brand continues to celebrate creativity in all forms, and aims to show people that creative inspiration exists all around them. This follows on from a summer of artist takeovers at two London bars, Sketch and Silverleaf.

Oskar Kinberg from The Bar Below at Hide, London, comments “We’re thrilled to partner with BOMBAY SAPPHIRE on such a strikingly creative project. We love being able serve guests something a little bit different – the cocktail and art bite pairings are guaranteed to spark attention and be a unique experience for those seeking some inspiration this winter. Our guests will be offered a ‘The Other Side’ cocktail served alongside a jelly art bite, both of which have taken inspiration from the passing of seasons in the Royal Parks that surround us here at The Bar Below at Hide”.

Natasha Curtin, Global Vice President of BOMBAY SAPPHIRE, comments ‘The ‘Saw This Made This – Art Bites’ experience is for gin lovers across the UK, happening in partnership with some of the country’s most inspiring cocktail bars. This latest launch is part of the ‘Saw This Made This’ global campaign, which invites people to see the beauty and creativity in the world around them, and demonstrates the brand’s continued commitment to creativity, both inside the cocktail glass and beyond.’

BOMBAY SAPPHIRE ‘Saw This Made This – Art Bites’

Hyde Orchard, Hyde Park, London

Hyde Orchard Cocktail + ‘Saw This Made This – Art Bite’, available at Blue Bar, The Berkeley, London, £20
At Blue Bar, The Berkeley, guests can enjoy a taste of the rippling blue water featuring intricate feathered detail, reflective of serene swans in the Serpentine, Hyde Park. The art bite pairs perfectly with a fresh, crisp Bombay Sapphire Hyde Orchard cocktail, featuring Blue Bar orchard eau de vie and green apple cordial.

Autumnal leaves, captured in Green Park, London

The Other Side Cocktail + ‘Saw This Made This – Art Bite’, available at The Bar Below at Hide, London, £16
Drawing on the beauty of the rich, warm colours of autumn, the art bite and cocktail duo available at The Bar Below at Hide, Mayfair, beautifully encapsulates London as the summer fades and leaves begin to fall. A true work of art, the jelly features detail of autumn leaves, which are mirrored in the cocktail pairing – The Other Side cocktail features sorrel leaf, keeping to the autumnal theme.

Camden Market Umbrellas, London

“I’m Only Happy When It Rains” Cocktail + ‘Saw This Made This – Art Bite’, available at Ester, London, £11
The cocktail and art bite duo available at Ester, Camden, is inspired by the vibrant and exuberant pops of pink and orange of the striking overhead umbrella display in Camden Market. The corresponding cocktail, “I’m Only Happy When It Rains”, is a martini style cocktail, inspired by wet and rainy Camden, topped with intricate disks of orange and lemon.

Columbia Road Flower Market, London

Columbia Road Cocktail + ‘Saw This Made This – Art Bite’, available at Sager + Wilde, London, £11

At Sager + Wilde, the art bite and cocktail pairing takes inspiration from the local beauty found at Columbia Road Flower Market. The duo celebrates the stunning blooms and foliage found in the market. The intricate and artistic floral masterpiece is paired with, Columbia Road, a negroni complete with a floral twist.

Exhibition bar, Manchester

Studio Cosmo Cocktail + ‘Saw This Made This – Art Bite’, Exhibition Bar, Manchester, £12

North of the capital sits Manchester’s Exhibition bar, a striking and ominous looking building from the exterior, which provides inspiration for the enchantingly menacing pairing available inside. The artistic design has been handcrafted to reflect the intricate brickwork of the bar and in turn, the Studio Cosmo cocktail offers depth of flavour through Bombay Sapphire gin, Bittersweet Aperitif, Strawberry and Fennel.

National Monument of Scotland, Edinburgh

Above The Clouds Cocktail + ‘Saw This Made This – Art Bite’, available at Hey Palu, Edinburgh, £10

Hey Palu bar has taken inspiration from the iconic National Monument of Scotland, an impressive memorial flanked by the luscious green landscape of Calton Hill. Each individual art bite features the iconic columns standing proudly on Edinburgh’s scenic landscape. The Above The Clouds cocktail is a delicate blend of BOMBAY SAPPHIRE gin, Black Lime cordial, Pineau des Charentres and Champagne Vinegar.

BOMBAY SAPPHIRE ‘Saw This Made This – Art Bites’ are available until Thursday 30th November.

W: Bombay Sapphire

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