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May 20, 2022

Bridgerton Style: How to get a Regencycore bedroom

Bridgerton is a television phenomenon that is taking the world by storm. Since it premiered on Netflix at Christmas 2020, the regency period drama has drawn viewers in by the millions. Is it the romance? The art of conversation? Or the refined elegance and grandeur of the period? For those who’d choose the latter, it’s understandable that you want to recreate a little part of that for yourself. The good news is that creating a Regencycore bedroom is easier than you’d think.

Get the right colour scheme

For fitted furniture specialist Hammonds, one of the most important things to consider first will be the colour scheme. Lush jewel tones might be your go-to palette, but it’s pastel tones that’ll help you recreate that Regency scene. Soft hues such as blush, mint and powder blue can be a fantastic option – not least when offset with white fitted wardrobes to match other furnishings.

There are, however, still opportunities to add a bolder dash of colour too. As Hammonds points out, citrus hues can be used too – creating “an exciting and colourful scheme” for your home.

Beautiful, ornate reflections

The benefits of using mirrors for interior decoration are well-established. But thought should be given to the type of mirror that can really bring a Regencycore room together. Think big. Think beautiful. And think blissful! Draw on advice from Hammonds when they say that larger mirrors can make a striking statement – not least those with intricate, ornate detailing and flourishes.

Of course, there’s a practical element to that too. Your mirror will leave your Regencycore room feeling light, airy, and spacious. It’s a little trick of the eye that can make a huge difference.

Dress the window to impress

For those in the upper echelons of Regency society, high ceilings were usually a feature of their residences. You may or may not enjoy the same luxury in your bedroom. But it won’t matter in reality. That’s because you should think about curtains that run all the way down to the floor. It feels opulent in itself, but can also make the height of your room seem greater.

Of course, you’ll want to pay heed to the look and feel of your curtains – not just the length. In the opinion of Hammonds, “high-quality material that ties in with the design of your room” is the way forward. You can always find ways to weave blackout materials into your choice of curtains if you need a little bit of extra help to keep the light out and help you rest.

Time for the finishing touches

Got the bigger considerations dealt with? Now, it’s time for the final stage of creating your very own Regencycore bedroom. For some, it might even be the most fun part. After all, each space comes alive with those little, extra details that put a real personal stamp on it. So, what sort of things are we talking about when looking back at the Regency era?

Hammonds yet again has the inspiration you’re looking for: “Think rich velvet, silk, ruffles, and frills. Bringing in contrasting but luxurious textures will add regal glamour to your room”. It can be as simple as that. And, suddenly, you’ll be whisked back to the early 19th century each night – ideal for when you next dream of being Lady Danbury, Kate Sharma, or Anthony Bridgerton.

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