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March 11, 2024

Brittany Ferries – Luxury is slow travel

To paraphrase the famous Tom Ford quote, the only true luxury we have today is time. If this is true, then slow travel by cruise ferry surely counts as one of life’s great luxuries.

When flying, only those of us with the deepest pockets can surround ourselves with the finer things. No matter how it may be dressed up, air travel is usually a miserable bookend to a holiday. Queues, cramped aircraft and expensive facilities are an irritating counterpoint to joys such as airport lounge access, fast-track through security or a fabulous holiday destination itself.

We may dream of a private jet, but the reality is EasyJet.

The opposite is true for cruise ferries: the luxury of space and time come as standard on a journey by sea. Comfortable lounges encourage one to relax, unwind and disconnect. Sea air cleanses the senses and washes away troubles. A snooze invariably follows, the gentle motion of the ship.

But modern ferries offer so much more for those in the know. Beyond the basics lie a host of luxury options for high net worths seeking a little more. From priority access when boarding to beautifully appointed commodore cabins and fine dining à la carte, long haul western Channel operator Brittany Ferries presents the pinnacle of the cruise ferry experience.

Commodore or Club?

Brittany Ferries cabins set the standard for excellence, with comfortable beds, en-suite facilities and tea and coffee. But it’s top-end commodore cabins that offer the highest levels of luxury, selling out more quickly than any other type of room. They host double beds, TVs, sofas, complimentary fruit and even balconies on some ships. It’s the perfect space to drift off after a delicious meal in an à la carte restaurant, arriving refreshed the next morning at your destination.

Or maybe a duvet day to pass the time on a daytime crossing? There’s a Video on Demand to enjoy on many services.

Pamper yourself

Brittany Ferries flagship Pont-Aven hosts a full spa, boasting a range of luxury massage and other treatments. However, other ships in the fleet offer the opportunity for a little pampering too. Wellness rooms beckon travellers to a moment of tranquillity, thanks to treatments including face and foot massages, and nail care. It’s the perfect opportunity to rejuvenate on board.

After a pampering, why not spend the afternoon in a C-Club lounge, now open on three newest ships Galicia, Salamanca and Santoña? Limited in capacity, these exclusive spaces take the airport lounge experience to a new level by applying a luxury experience to the entire journey. Who says travel can’t be part of the vacation when complimentary light meals, drinks and wine are served throughout the voyage? In a space with the most spectacular view of the sea!

Chopin and Shostakovich

A piano bar on a ferry? Yes, Brittany Ferries can do that too. On flagship Pont-Aven and Bretagne (which serves the popular Portsmouth to St Malo route), a pianist gently serenades passengers as they sip a glass of champagne or enjoy a cocktail or two before dinner.

Popular cocktails include pina coladas and mojitos but there’s always Le Cocktail du Barman, as well as alcohol-free cocktails and even bespoke kids cocktails too.

An extensive wine list chosen by Brittany Ferries’s expert sommeliers is available in bars, restaurants and duty-free shops on board. There’s no need to limit your wishes or to worry about taking boxes full of delicious wine to your car: the team on board will do that for you, sir.

Fine Dining

Brittany Ferries lives and breathes the circular economy. It is still owned by the Breton farming community that started the business fifty years ago. Products grown in the rich fields of Brittany are used as seasonal ingredients in dishes served on board, prepared by our exclusively French chefs. Only on Brittany Ferries might you be served food grown on the farm of the company president.

Three-course dining in an à la carte restaurant is the perfect way to start any journey, after a cocktail in the piano bar. The menu changes regularly and always includes a chef’s suggestion for each course, as well as delicious favourites like roasted halibut, seaweed crust and stuffed mussels or rack of lamb from the region with black rice and squid. Finish with a cheese platter? Bien sûr!

Award-winning service

Brittany Ferries is proud of its reputation as the Rolls-Royce of ferry companies. In 2022 for example it received four British Travel Awards for outstanding service. However, the accolade for which the company is most proud is the Telegraph Travel Award.

Voted for by their discerning readers, the Best Ferry Company accolade has been given to Brittany Ferries seven years in a row. And Telegraph readers know a thing or two about

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