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January 26, 2021

Campbell Marson – The World’s finest luxury wooden eyewear

Campbell Marson makes the finest luxury wooden eyewear in the world. With almost 100 years of experience, creating wearable pieces of art is their unrivalled passion. Exceptionally engineered, all products are handmade, hand finished and exquisitely British.

Campbell Marson boasts three core collections: ‘Classic’, ‘Lite’ and ‘Custom & Bespoke’, which subsequently cater to all aesthetic styles and budgets.

Each pair is intrinsically unique to the wearer, with their website allowing you the ability to match your desired frames with your preferred lens type and wood. Customers can choose from a variety of exotic and sustainable woods such as Jet Black Pearl, Santos Rosewood or Smoked Eucalyptus paired with your preferred lenses, giving you the opportunity to design your very own optical masterpiece.

The selection of wood species used in their frames spans the globe & Campbell Marson have the ability to access some of the rarest and most beautiful timbers in the world, all of which come from managed forests or with FSC certification.

The brand hand selects each and every single piece of wood used in their glasses, from the way the log is cut to the grain pattern used. Prior to commencing production, their cabinetmakers will also double-check every single veneer to ensure the grain pattern is exciting and varied. Each pair they make is therefore utterly and perfectly unique.
Each pair of exceptionally engineered frames is then crafted by their own in-house cabinetmakers and all go through a comprehensive 80-step manufacturing process to ensure quality and accuracy. The brand utilises both modern and traditional techniques with a selection of production methods that are wholly exclusive to them.

Once the frames are made, the highly skilled artisans hand finish each and every frame in either matte or gloss lacquer, ready for a final buff and polish in order to create a truly exquisite finish. Furthermore, the unique hinge mechanism allows for a perfect amount of flexibility between arms and fronts and are chrome plated.

The result? Exceptionally engineered wooden glasses that are ultra-lightweight, adjustable and fashionable.

Custom and bespoke collection

For customers seeking out something even more unique, Campbell Marson’s ‘Custom & Bespoke’ collection is for their most discerning clientele. Customers can create their very own custom shape in any wood species available on earth, thereby offering true individuality.

They then have the ability to pair their chosen design with their preferred finish and a vast selection of precious metals and logos. This bespoke service is an extraordinary display of attention to detail, designed to be a representation of their character. The glasses are completely unique to the wearer and consequently, there will be no other pair like them on earth.

History and inspiration

Founded in 1924, the brand has been creating bespoke & handmade wooden products for a range of discerning and UHNW clients across the globe.

Campbell Marson has worked with some of the world’s leading designers and architects to create works of art in wood marquetry. These designs can be found within world-famous establishments & iconic buildings such as The Tate Modern, Christie’s Auctioneers, The Royal Ballet School and The Victoria and Albert Museum.

In 2015 they began their journey to manufacture the world’s finest luxury wooden glasses for which striving for perfection has been a relentless pursuit for excellence. It started with an obsession for all things beautiful & subsequently incorporated cutting edge design, dynamic engineering and advanced processes that have taken years to formulate.

All Campbell Marson glasses are unique in style, beauty and design. Handcrafted optical perfection; they truly are the world’s finest luxury wooden glasses.

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