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July 8, 2020

Casa Cook, El Gouna A True Oriental Spirit

If you’re looking for a place to clear your mind, cleanse your soul from all the distortion, reconnect with your roots, and enjoy the serenity and magic of the Egyptian desert and Red sea waves we’ve got the place for you! Just a few kilometres away from El Gouna lies the perfect getaway.

After a pressuring lockdown Casa Cook, El Gouna has officially announced its re-opening on the 23rd of June 2020 to dear guests.

What makes this hotel special that it not only serves as a luxurious oasis in the desert -a concept not yet embraced by the hotel community- but also because they have lucratively employed the use of neutral, rustic palettes, raw wooden furniture, and contemporary Arabic architecture to seamlessly intersect with the desert landscape creating a stand-out mood that will guarantee a one of a kind experience.

As for Rooms, Casa Cook El Gouna offers from standard rooms with their private balcony, premium terrace rooms, all the way to villas with private balcony and terrace; all of which are securing vast spaces, cleanliness, and privacy, not to mention the décor is a continuous vibe of chic simplicity.

If you’re looking for fun leisure water activities, besides their private pools, Casa Cook El Gouna is also the first to open a prime kiteboarding centre that gives you access to classes with qualified coaches using the latest equipment in the kiteboarding field thanks to their partnership with Duotone one of the world’s leading wind and water sports suppliers.

And, if you’re more into therapeutic activity you can head to the spa which is more of a modern Egyptian spa sanctuary. There you will be welcomed by tranquil, muted tones and natural lightings all of which will serve your relaxation, you can choose between saunas, steam rooms, plunge pools or a hamam service experience. If you’re longing for your long-awaited massage, you’ll be greeted by a team of skilled therapist experts who will fulfil your individual needs with treatments that will surely rejuvenate and relax both your mind and soul.

Finally, as guests and staff safety are Casa Cook El Gouna’s top priority, the hotel has responsibly taken precautionary measures to ensure a relaxed getaway journey such as: providing regular non-contact temperature checks, sanitizer dispensers are available at key points around the hotel, sunbeds are sanitized and are of 2 meters distance. The hotel also provides alternative wellness options for guests. You can check their website for more travel updates and precautions.

W: Casa Cook El Gouna

In the end, we need to highlight that a place such as Casa Cook El Gouna that has creatively managed to set such a unique architectural haven that is both modern and is reflecting oriental-rooted elements gives us an undeniable sense of pride that such vision exists in Egypt so, pack your bags for an out of this world wellbeing adventure.

Written by Maye Sharif Talaat for Luxuria Lifestyle Egypt

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