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June 17, 2024

Celebrate Tequila Day with the Suavest Sip – SUAVE Tequila

As Tequila Day approaches, prepare for 24 July by making sure you have a bottle of luxurious, sustainable SUAVE Tequila to elevate your night. Renowned not only for its exquisite taste and ultra-premium quality, but this brand is also environmentally sustainable. It’s one of only three tequila brands in the world to be certified with a Butterfly Mark, a sign of luxury and environmental responsibility making SUAVE the perfect companion for a day dedicated to the love and appreciation of fine tequila.

One of the most stylish brands around, SUAVE Tequila doesn’t come cheap. However, it does represent great value. Unparalleled craftsmanship, dedication to environmental excellence, and a commitment to harnessing the finest agave taste are what makes this tequila top of the list when planning Tequila Day. The sustainable, additive-free, luxury brand is, as the name suggests, a suave, ultra-premium range of sipping tequilas. They are served in some of the most exclusive venues but you can serve this fine and versatile liquid at home.

There are four expressions ranging in price from £95 to £2000.

SUAVE Blanco (36.4% ABV; RRP £95)
SUAVE Lunar (36.4% ABV; £109)
SUAVE Reposado (36.4% ABV; £160)
SUAVE Ultra Añejo (36.4% ABV; RRP £2000).

This impeccable collection is an elevated drinking experience, created for sipping. Whether you prefer your tequila neat, poured over ice, or in an elegant cocktail, SUAVE is sure to please. Every sip is exquisite. Extend the party by choosing SUAVE’s Lunar expression (so-called as it is aged for 28 days). The new moon falls on 21 July so celebrate the new moon too if you can’t wait for Tequila Day.

SUAVE Tequilas are smooth, complex, full-bodied, additive-free, and Kosher certified. This ultra-premium range of sipping tequilas is as authentic as they come, hence the elevated price tag. The company sees through the creation of its liquids from field to bottle and even cultivates its agave seedlings (the plant from which tequila is made). The liquids are remarkable for containing no additives or colourants.

Another reason for the high prices of these liquids compared with many on the market is the fact that the company uses only the very heart of the agave pina. All the green outer surface is stripped away so that only the pure white core of the pinas makes it into production. These strict quality standards make for a purer alcohol creating a glorious liquid that helps avoid a tequila hangover. All this time and skill adds to the cost of an ultra-premium liquid.

The packaging is an elegant, sculptural, organically shaped bottle, with the different styles denoted by the colours of the labels and caps.

You can buy SUAVE Tequilas at good online retailers including The Whisky Exchange and Master of Malt and you can find SUAVE in some of the UK’s top venues.

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