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February 19, 2024

Celebrity Skincare Secrets: Who Uses What & Why

Observing celebrities at events like the Grammys and the Oscars and in images and videos taken of their everyday lives gives us a good overview of whether their skin is as beautiful as it looks when it’s perfectly made up or not.

The celebrities who prioritize skincare over gorgeous makeup are the ones who glow when they’re wearing foundation — and when they’ve just woken up, there’s no difference.

Celebs usually have an exciting skincare routine made up of a combination of a lot of high-quality luxury products. It’s so much fun to imagine ourselves strutting the streets with a face as glowy as Emily Ratajkowski or legs as luminous as Namoi Campbell.

We’re going to detail the skincare routines of some of our favourite celebs so that you can use them, too.

1. Young Mazino | Actor

Before Young Mazino was a breakout star in Netflix’s Beef and charmed the world in SZA’s music video, he worked with world-renowned beauty company Fresh. As a business intelligence analyst, Young learned the importance of looking after your skin, whether you’re male, female, or other.

He’s outspoken about how ridiculous he thinks the stigma around men’s skincare is and looks after his skin well because he knows he’s only got one, and it’s got to last him a lifetime.

His skincare routine (the one that had him glowing and gorgeous at the Oscars) currently includes Fresh’s Creme Ancienne Soft face moisturizer and rejuvenating Tea Elixir. He also uses an SPF every day, naturally.

2. Caroline Hirons | Skincare YouTuber

Caroline is a verified beauty industry veteran. She’s a qualified, verified, and ensured aesthetician, a Sunday Times No. 1 bestselling author, and the founder of Beauty Backed. Needless to say, her skincare advice is above reproach.

Caroline has worked with several brands, but her empties clearly show what her most used skincare products are:

● Dr Dennis Gross Hyaluronic Marine Meltaway Cleanser — for oil-free makeup removal and total cleansing.
● Mesoestetic Hydra Cream Fusion — for balance and hydration.

3. Angela Bassett | Actress

Angela Bassett is known worldwide as a woman who seems to be ageing backwards.

The star puts it down to good genes and better skincare. She uses Chanel skincare and makeup — that’s what she had on her gorgeous face when she accepted her well-deserved, history-making Oscar in 2023.

Her makeup artist starts by prepping her face with her favourite Le Lift Pro Concentre for refined and tightened skin. Next, he applies the No. 1 De Chanel Rich Revitalizing Cream for hydration. Chanel makes tinted skincare —Sublimage Le Correcteur Yeux Radiance-Generating Concealing Eye Care — which Basset uses to ensure she always looks flawless.

4. Kevin Hart | Comedian and Actor

It may come as a surprise at first, but when you look at his skin closely, it’s clear that Kevin Hart is committed to skincare.

One of the things he recently told GQ magazine that he can’t live without is Lancer’s The Method cleanser for normal-combination skin.

Hart says he’s a “product junkie” who’s been through a lot of products, including one that made him look like an extra in The Walking Dead. After a shopping trip, he tried Lancer in-store and never looked back. He calls it his “sun shot.”

5. Aubrey Plaza | Actress

Aubrey Plaza’s dead-pan face is what those in Hollywood call “her money-maker.” The actress has recently been in the press more than usual thanks to her incredible performance, swoon-worthy outfits, and fresh face in The White Lotus.

Her looks have a lot of fans wanting to know what she uses on her skin, and she’s happy to share her secrets. Her favourite Ole Henriksen Dewtopia Flash Acid Facial Mask exfoliates and delivers radiant skin in no time. Plaza loves this treatment because it strips away the grime left by constant makeup application and leaves her looking youthful.

6. Christina Grasso | Influencer

Christina Grasso, or —as she’s known on the internet — The Pouf, is a woman who knows a lot about luxury.

Her flawless sense of style and stunning face have led to her working with brands like Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Cartier, and YSL, to name just a few.

The beauty and fashion influencer and model takes care of her glowing, porcelain skin with products like Overda’s Prebiotic Emulsion and Healing Sap. She also recommends taking a hydrating sheet mask and facial roller whenever you fly to combat in-flight dryness whenever you fly.

7. Maddie Ziegler | Dancer

Maddie rose to fame as one of the most beloved dancers in Abby Lee Miller’s school of dance, made famous by the reality show Dance Moms. Maddie has come a long way since then, cementing her celebrity status after dancing and acting with some of the biggest names in entertainment.

As someone so active, Maddie knows that skincare is essential. She treats her acne-prone skin with clean and sensitive beauty products. Her favourites are Sunday Riley’s U.F.O. Salicylic Acid BHA Acne Treatment Face Oil and Sonya Dakar’s Silver Clarifying Face Wash. These products keep her youthful, glowing, and acne-free.

8. Cardi B | Rapper

While Cardi B is known for her fierce and flowing lyrics, it doesn’t hurt that she looks fantastic every time she steps out in public. Makeup is a lot of fun, but what makes her face shine is that her skincare routine keeps her skin glowing at all times.

Cardi and her team focus on anti-ageing and de-puffing treatments, especially before a big event. Algenist Blue Algae Vitamin C™ Skinclarity Brightening Serum is her first step for a fresh, bright base. She also uses Algenist Triple Algae Eye Renewal Balm to keep her eye area supple, soft, and youthful.

Use Celebs Favorite Products

These celebrities sure know how to put their faces first and prioritize treating and maintaining stunning skin. From acne to anti-ageing, the products that these celebs use work for their intended purpose, and, most surprisingly, a lot of these brands are affordable! Will you be trying any of them soon?

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