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November 14, 2022

Check out these car upgrades for extra luxury

If you’re going to be spending a lot of time driving, it makes sense to equip your car for luxury. This will help you to enjoy the experience behind the wheel a little more, and it’ll also result in a more valuable asset, should you come to sell.

Before installing luxury upgrades, it’s essential that you do your research. This will help you to stay on the right side of the law, and to avoid compromising on safety. You might consider making a full-service part of the upgrade process, ideally at the end. That way, you can drive with confidence that the vehicle is functioning properly.

Which upgrades are worth the money?

Certain kinds of modification stand out as making life much more convenient and comfortable. Let’s run through them.


If your car doesn’t come with Bluetooth as standard, then making the switch can be an affordable change. All you need to do is switch out the head unit inside the dashboard. While you’re installing this particular modification, you might also upgrade the stereo system more broadly. Subwoofers in the rear needn’t be excessive or distracting: just a little bit of extra bass might make the difference.

Parking sensors and backup camera

Reversing into a spot is made much simpler by the installation of rear parking sensors and a camera. In some cases, you’ll be presented with a top-down view of the car, generated using multiple cameras. It’s a feature that’s perfect if you’re parking a larger vehicle in unfamiliar places. Just make sure that you check your entire surroundings when you reverse the car.

Heated seats

There are few modifications more luxurious than heating built straight into your seating. If you’re feeling extra indulgent, you might even get chairs that massage your lower back as you’re driving. Bear in mind that these modifications aren’t just gimmicks – they can really help with the physical problems caused by an extra-long drive. Never again will you get out at a service station and feel as though something has stood on your spine.

Tinted windows

Darkening the glass in your car will make it that much more difficult for passers-by to see the interior, and it’ll lend that sleek night-racer aesthetic. Bear in mind that there are fairly strict legal limits on the extent to which you can tint your glass, so make sure that you stay on the right side of them.

Fingerprint security

By installing biometric security devices, you’ll make it that much more difficult for your car to be stolen. A fingerprint scanner is the easiest way to get done. You might even use the scanner on your smartphone to prevent your car from being stolen.

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