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October 6, 2021

Chef David Rivas – From the Venezuelan Caribbean to Mallorca

Born in Margarita, an island in the Venezuelan Caribbean very similar to Mallorca and strongly influenced from an early age by television programmes, amateur chefs and family members -who already belonged to this world, David decided to become a chef.

After finishing his training at the Hoffman School of Hotel Management in Barcelona, he started his professional career. He has travelled the world working as a chef in cities such as Barcelona, Oslo and Hong Kong. This has allowed him to expand his creativity and become the chef he is today, with such a marked style.

Years later, in search of making his dream come true, he decided to come to Mallorca with his family, where he had the opportunity to have his own restaurant where he could be himself, where the beautiful was measured differently, where people would feel at home, enjoying the experience of simplicity.

This is how Terrae was born

TERRAE- Your sustainable restaurant in Mallorca

Today Terrae has 7 people working directly and indirectly and with a long way to go.

It was a process of adaptation and learning for the whole team and it could be said that this is what characterises all of us who work at Terrae today, we all fulfil a role in which we do not have so much experience and we are constantly learning how to do it better.

What characterises us is that we always work with local produce, trying to pollute as little as possible, making the most of each product with ingenuity and creativity and trying to expose our knowledge on the web and on social networks. There are no secrets, the more people adopt our way of working in harmony with the environment, the better.

One of the issues at the beginning was that the menu changes were many due to the constant adaptation of the menu based on product changes. Because of this, in 2020 we changed the regular A4 paper of 80 grams per square metre to a thinner paper of 70 grams per square metre. This way we avoided the excessive use of paper. However, this was not enough and in 2021 we started to use 100% QR codes. Today the menu changes are made directly in the file, which our customers can download by scanning the QR code and logging into the website.

Another change was to stop using plastic for vacuum cooking. We have stopped using those thick, single-use plastic bags that pollute so much. Another plus point on our way to being a 100% sustainable restaurant. Our future steps include having our own filtered water, our own ice cubes and our own vegetable garden on the terrace.

Today we already have our own wine and our own beer in collaboration with expert local producers. We make our own content for networks, take our own photographs and research and share what we have learnt in terms of sustainability tips and advice for everyday life.

The Terrae concept can be applied anywhere in the world. The rule is simply to use LOCAL produce. We get most of our products at the Wednesday Market, where our producers surprise us with their fresh produce. The rest we collect ourselves.
In our last trips that you can see on instagram we have collected chard, asparagus, purslane, sea fennel, clover, nasturtium, chicory, mustard, radishes, etc.

The fish is always fresh from the fish market and we buy whole animals from our producer who raises the animals organically. Buying the whole animal obliges us to make 100% use of it. We have to be creative and intelligent when it comes to processing it.
To be sustainable is not only to economise on waste in order not to pollute, but also to take advantage of resources (time, money, energy) to obtain better results and to be able to do more with less.

Today Terrae seeks to be a benchmark for sustainability on the island. Not only as a restaurant but also as a concept. That is why we share our experiences and learnings in our networks.

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