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February 6, 2021

Cheskie – Fine Handmade Objets d’Art & Artisanal Crafts

CHESKIE is all about the love of craftsmanship. Celebrating skill, design, individuality and the concept of heirloom pieces. We specialise in hand-made objets d’art and hand-woven textiles, supporting and collaborating with highly skilled artisans from around the world.

From hand-beaten copper and silver hollowware to finely woven pure silk dressing gowns, meticulous eggshell inlay, straw marquetry and lacquerware to silk lampshades and cotton table napkins. The common theme is artisans. Artisans with whom we collaborate in the design, taking delight in their talents, to produce remarkable, individual made, high-end pieces.

With our close artisan relationships, regional and product expertise, we are able to offer many of our products designed to your specification. We adore working on bespoke projects and are open to exploring this on any scale.

CHESKIE was founded by a Mother-Daughter Karen and Cheskie. A background in design, a love of beautiful things, a desire to support the artisans; this is who we are at the heart of it.

We want to bring joy and individuality into people’s lives through remarkable statement pieces, made with skill, with love and with care.

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Instagram – @cheskiedesigns

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