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June 22, 2023

Classic Luxurious Hobbies You Might Be Able To Try

Some hobbies scream “old money” when you see people pursuing them. Polo is one. Ballroom dancing is another. Hobbies such as these have been engaged in by families who have had wealth passed down to them for generations. These pursuits have come to be associated with the upper classes.

Some hobbies may seem luxurious, but they don’t necessarily have to cost a lot of money for you to practice them. With a few searches on the internet or other research, you can discover some of the finer things in life and enjoy a taste of them. Below is a look at some classic luxurious hobbies that you don’t always need to have a lot of money to enjoy, even if you do have it.


Polo is possibly one of the oldest team sports and is the quintessential sport of the rich. It was first played probably more than 2,000 years ago and was played by kings, queens and princes in Persia. It’s partly for this latter reason that people have associated sport with the rich and the nobles of society. Another is that, due to the fact it’s played on horseback, it’s an expensive hobby to maintain.

Polo is a fast-paced game that can be played indoors or outdoors and in any season. The game has gone through some changes as time has evolved, such as reducing the number of players per team and from players physically carrying the ball to playing with mallets because the handling of the ball induced fights among players.

Ballroom dancing

Many of the dance steps came from folk dances, but ballroom dancing was once a pursuit of the elites only. The origins of ballroom dancing reside in the European courts of the 17th and 18th centuries where performers would dance in the court of the ruler.

In the 19th century, ballroom dances were a major part of events and followed strict rules. There was upheaval in this same century, however, that saw new steps born which brought democracy to dance floors and took inspiration from around the world. Even the elite classes were trying them after seeing some of their guests use them and they liked it. Today, people of all social classes perform tangos, waltzes, foxtrots and other dances on the world’s dance floors.

Casino gaming

There was a time when only the wealthy would step into a casino. These establishments gave players the perfect excuse to don a dinner jacket or dinner dress, gamble extravagant amounts of money, socialize and generally live life on the edge for an evening. They still do. Players who like to take part in high-stakes poker can do so at a lot of casinos, which have poker rooms.

However, casino gaming is much more accessible today. You can take part in it without even leaving the comfort of your own home, by playing online. You don’t have to play table games but can opt for slots instead if you wish. Online operators have also made casino gaming more affordable. Many casino providers offer generous bonuses to make gaming cheaper for you and attract you to their services.


Skiing and snowboarding are immense fun and are expensive, but they’re not only the preserve of the rich. Some would argue, in fact, that it’s the way sports have been marketed that has led people to believe they’re expensive, glamorous sports only for people who can afford them.

Skiing and snowboarding create the chance to pursue an exciting lifestyle, as you get to travel to different resorts around the world. Of course, you’ll need equipment, which isn’t cheap, but you can still cut costs immensely and pursue them on a budget. The best way is to either rent equipment or buy equipment second-hand (as long as it’s in good condition).


What greater freedom can there be than to just get out onto the open water and enjoy the sea air? If you can afford to yacht, you don’t have to go on a cruise and share the boat with lots of other people, which is part of a yacht’s appeal.

Yachts are expensive to buy, but the good news is that sailing, in general, has become less costly as several companies have seen an opportunity to make it more accessible. Even better, you don’t necessarily have to know how to sail either because it’s possible to hire a boat with a captain and team, who will put their expertise to use on the waters so you can just sit back and enjoy the views and the ride.

Some hobbies have a luxurious, classic feel, but when you research further into them, you can pursue them for less than you might have thought. If you’ve not tried any of the hobbies above, why not look into the costs and give them a try?

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