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March 24, 2021

Danielpaul brings the exotic adventure of Africa to your doorstep

Danielpaul brings the exotic adventure of Africa to your doorstep. You can feel the wild, untamed spirit in his beautiful handcrafted designs. For over 20 years Danielpaul lived, breathed, and practiced this craft.

Like Africa, his creations have been through struggles and duress, but its true beauty lies within its rugged strength. Every item has a unique imperfection and that tells the story of its endurance and ability to overcome challenges – transforming it into perfection.

From climbing steep cliffs on the African Wild Coast, to elephant-back Safari’s, not even a scorpion and spider bite could quench his thirst for adventure. The spirit of Africa lives forever through his creations. Own it, feel it, live the life you dream of.

Daniel started out as an apprentice working for an internationally acclaimed Safari Outfitter in South Africa. After five years of rigorous training, he was advanced to Head of the Leather Department. His role was to design and manufacture high quality leather products and to ensure that every item was produced to the highest standard. In 2008, Daniel left the company to start his own range – Daniel Paul Leather Crafts.

At this point, his former employer offered Daniel sole production of the company’s veg tan product line. For ten years Daniel perfected his art and became well known for quality bespoke leather items.

He was chosen to represent the Eastern Cape and South Africa, with a handful of fellow designers at the well renowned, Ethiopian World Exhibition and Fashion Show in 2018. While many craftsmen prefer to work in isolation, Daniel’s passion led him to train numerous people over the years – instilling his strict work ethics and sharp eye for detail.

In 2020 Daniel moved his family to Edinburgh to bring the African spirit to his ancestor’s home – Scotland, fulfilling his calling of making long lasting, beautiful and bespoke handcrafted leather products for all to be enjoyed. His passion for his craft is evident in his workmanship.

Always quality before quantity, “It is never about the price. Leather has an affinity to nature, it either calls you or repels you. It is my honour to produce a product that will last you for many years to come.”

Danielpaul – Live the adventurous life.

Journal Cover

This beautifully handcrafted Journal Cover is the perfect companion for your diary or journal and can fit an A5 size, sporting a solid brass buckle. We do allow custom orders.
Material: 3mm drum-dyed veg leather.
Size: 24cm x 18xm (or 38 when open)


This rugged handcrafted belt will last you for years to come. This comes with a solid brass buckle, handstitched for added durability.
Material: 3mm drum-dyed veg leather.
Colour: black / brown
Sizes: all sizes, 35mm wide

Clutch I-Pad Cover

This handstitched and robust leather sleeve is the perfect protection for your precious I-Pad. It features a solid brass buckle and handstitched for added durability. We do allow custom orders.
Material: 3mm drum-dyed veg leather.
Size: 30cm x 20xm
Colour: black / brown


This handstitched billfold wallet is the perfect companion for your outings.
Material: 100% leather
Colour: black / brown

DanielPaul Classic Messenger Bag

This perfectly handcrafted shoulder-sling bag is the ideal guardian for your important documents and laptop. Ideal for the businessman and traveller alike. It is a classic style that will last you for many years to come and features solid brass fittings.
Material: 3mm drum-dyed veg leather
Colour: Brown or black.
Size: 36cm x 27xmx6cm

Lady Slingbag

A beautifully handcrafted fashion sling bag for the ladies.
Material: 3mm drum-dyed veg leather
Colour: Brown / black

The Spirit of Adventure Carrier

This luxurious, handcrafted Whiskey/ Gin carrier has space for one bottle and three glasses and is perfect for those stolen moments – a picnic in the park or celebrated after a successful round of golf with friends. The sturdy carrier, sports solid brass fittings and crafted to perfection.
Material: 3mm drum-dyed veg leather
Colour: Brown / black

Daniel Paul Wine Carrier

The perfect companion for the spur of the moment picnic in the park get-away. The robust yet elegant wine holder is great to keep your wine safe while you find the perfect spot to unwind with your friends or loved one.
Material: 3mm drum-dyed veg leather
Colour: Brown / black

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