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August 24, 2021


Balearic Spirit

Stone. Sacred and warrior Mediterranean stone. Stone that protects and shelters us. Ancestral stone that saw us born and will survive us. This is how Balearic life is conceived: surrounded by stone and salt. The Punics already warned it, when they decided to classify us as “masters stone throwers”. It is our best weapon and undoubtedly a good reason to reinvent ourselves. Thus Deixons was born.

Humanity fell in love with its perenniality. Thus was born the worship of our sacred element: the stone. Directed towards the sky, it became a symbol of communication between man and divinity. An element that, despite not being alive, intrinsically evokes feelings of origin, permanence and rotundity. The stone was our weapon to save us and also to protect us. Today it is presented as the essence to preserve the soul of our precious gardens.

We design and manufacture in Mallorca products with their own identity and Mediterranean character using local materials. We propose contemporary solutions to decorate with stone. We believe in the timeless beauty that natural stone transmits, as well as in its properties for decoration and outdoor use.

Our production begins and ends in Mallorca. From design to packaging. Four hands, two minds and a lot of care. Care is our best tool to achieve unique pieces and our island is our main source of inspiration. We praise the autochthonous because it is what has made us get here and be able to share with you pieces of our beloved Mallorca. Every time we consume we choose the world we want. To trust us is to buy local and to bet on quality craftsmanship. The stone has guaranteed us the shelter of our homes and the protection of our lands. Now we want to turn to it to protect the life of our plants, ensuring that it continues to be present in the evolution of our days.

We are committed to nature

In the balance lies the warmth of an environment. We have it clear: quality and personality go hand in hand. Therefore, we rescued a native material and closely linked to the Balearic history to transform it into a sculptural planter that will be the ideal refuge for your plants to live as they deserve. Defying the passage of time with the absolute guarantee of a perennial and care-free object.

Holy Collection

Consisting of seven specimens, the Santa Collection is entirely manufactured in Santanyí stone. A Mallorcan material whose appeal lies both in its properties and in its ancestral meaning. Seven wonders that will decorate your home without leaving it indifferent. Each Santa has its own blessing. Tall, short, wide or narrow. With seven names of Mallorcan Santas that evoke the divinity of the use of stone throughout our history, it only remains for you to choose the version that best fits into the heart of your home. And now that the elegance of the support is a reality, all that remains is to choose the plant you want to pamper.

Novelty and tradition: the language of balance

Advocate for art. Once the desired product is functional, what more can we ask for? That it is attractive and does not disappoint. The Santas fulfill their mission by being novel and sculptural planters that combine organically in rustic and modern environments. The tradition that emanates from the stone soaked design does the rest.

Rock, paper or scissors? Nature always wins

Do you have a special plant, a plant to pamper or that you want to keep for a long time? Go for the stone. When we try to choose a pot we must know that there is no single ideal. Each plant is unique and develops with its own particularities. What we can do is to favor its optimal growth by analyzing materials and shapes. Stone planters insulate well, so they are ideal for outdoor locations, exposed to inclement weather. A stone planter with thick walls can help you maintain a uniform temperature that guarantees the correct root development of your plant. When nature speaks, there are no mysteries.


“Bocinet” in Mallorcan means little piece, and that is what we intend to convey with this piece. To be able to see and enjoy a piece of Mallorca in your home. A tribute to what, even without life, is extolled to remind us of the value of the natural. Sublime and ethereal. With this piece we seek to reflect the present through the past. It is not a vase that houses living flowers, but an inert support that holds a being that was alive. Both parts convey history and the passage of time. Two concepts very present in Deixons. Being natural stone, no two models are alike. Each one has its own particularities that make it unique. We intend to encourage people to go to the natural environment to collect waste that once had life and deposit it in a natural environment.

Each one has its own particularities that make it unique. We intend to encourage people to go to the natural environment to collect waste that once had life and deposit them in a Bocinet, so that they remain connected to their environment.

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