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May 24, 2021

Delivery of Valuable and Luxury Goods: Peculiarities of Transportation

Valuable cargo is items of great value. Many people mistakenly consider only money, antiques, and jewelry to be valuable cargo. But valuable cargo also includes fragile and easily broken items, exotic plants and animals, exhibition items, etc.

Transportation of valuable cargo is a very responsible task that requires fulfillment of certain requirements. After all, the mover (Fly Movers) must do everything possible to ensure that the valuable cargo arrived at its destination safely and unharmed. Such transportation requires compliance with special security measures.

What is valuable cargo?

In fact, it is important to deliver any object from one point to another safe and sound, but there is also the concept of especially valuable cargo, which should be transported in maximum security. Contrary to stereotypes, not only jewelry and money can be valuable, but also endangered species of flora and fauna, things of cultural and historical significance, or fragile items. The category of valuable cargo includes: precious metals, expensive jewelry, watches made of precious materials, bank bills, cards, etc., natural furs, skins, carpets and other expensive items, antiques, museum pieces, relics, collectibles, works of art, rare animals, plants.


High-value shipments must be secured against all risks. Some valuable shipments may require certain conditions for their transportation. For example, antique tableware should be protected from any vibrations, and ancient books should be protected from moisture.

Prior to shipment, valuable cargo should be carefully inspected and properly packaged. Packaging ensures complete immobility of the shipment and protects it from unexpected situations (moving or jolting). An inventory of the high-value shipment is then made.

Next, you need to choose a suitable vehicle for the carriage of valuable goods.

Transportation for the carriage of valuable goods

As a rule, valuable cargo is transported in a special truck equipped with a security and satellite tracking system which allows real-time monitoring of the location of the vehicle with the cargo. In some cases, an armored car is needed. In this case it is important that throughout the route the driver keeps in touch with the dispatcher.

The authority movers together with the customer should make a detailed route with all stops. At the previously agreed control points the guards must report to the dispatcher on the progress of transportation.

Roadrunner enclosed auto transport shipping provides the highest level of protection for your vehicle during transit. When shipping on an enclosed car carrier, your vehicle will be completely protected from all outdoor elements that an open carrier would typically be exposed to.

Security of valuable cargo

To ensure the safety of the cargo being transported, vehicles are usually accompanied by guards (sometimes armed). The person who owns the shipment must sign a contract for armed escort with an non-departmental security agency or with a designated security agency.

Organizing the delivery of valuable goods is not an easy task, but with the right approach to the task on the part of the client and the mover, as well as additional security measures taken, it is possible to maximize the safety of your valuables and the success of the company. Professionals in their field can perform the task in the best way, so you should pay special attention to choosing a transportation company.

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