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April 30, 2021

Discover more ways to train outside with Eleiko

Global trends, the pandemic and the evolving fitness landscape has changed the way people train, with many shifting training habits or business offerings. A flexible and safe alternative to training at facilities is outdoor training. With the flexibility outdoor spaces give operators, along with their ability to provide spaces that members who are reluctant to return might be more comfortable training in, make outdoor training an important club feature. With spring and summer coming, outdoor training is also popular among those training at home, where users can create home gyms in their own backyards. Here are five things to consider when planning an outdoor gym.


Choose a flat and firm area to install the outdoor equipment. Make sure to have enough room for each piece of equipment and space to perform each exercise correctly. The lawn of a garden is ideal for free weight exercises with strength essentials such as dumbbells or kettlebells, as the soft ground is suitable for cushioning shocks. However, when dropping weights, use rubber flooring, platforms, or mats to protect the surface underneath and provide a safe, non-slip surface for your training. If space permits, consider a training space both under open skies, but also a more enclosed area such as a patio that is covered by a canopy or roof. This will protect your equipment from the elements while also making outdoor training more accessible, rain or shine.


Next, consider the type of equipment needed to outfit your outdoor gym. Most stationary outdoor equipment is bodyweight focused, designed to support a variety of exercises such as pull-ups and dips. Combine stationary pieces such as racks and rigs with portable options that can be easily moved around and put away when not in use, such as barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands and medicine balls. Our XF Bar, XF Bumpers and Training Kettlebells can be brought outdoors to train with, but must be brought back inside and wiped off after use. Store the equipment indoors when not in use.

If you are looking for stationary outdoor strength equipment, galvanized racks, rigs, and squat stands from the XF range fit both smaller backyard gyms and larger outdoor commercial installations and can be combined to create a complete outdoor training experience. For facilities looking to provide outdoor training, these strength stations provide space for several users to train at the same time. The products have a galvanized finish that provides weather-and rust resistance, allowing the racks and rigs to stand outdoors 365 days a year, in all climates.

Another solution for group training outdoors is the Eleiko container rig system, which turns any standard shipping container into an outdoor gym, without fabrication or onsite modification during installation. This leaves the container intact making it less susceptible to moisture and leaks. The patent pending attachment system simply mounts to a container, allowing facilities to attach a rig tailored with the number of lifting stations and the attachments best suited for their clients’ needs and program offerings.


Training equipment that is used outdoors needs to be able to withstand the elements – dust, moisture, dirt and temperature changes. The galvanized finish on our outdoor racks and rigs provides weather and rust resistance, extending longevity and performance and is suitable for hard use in harsh outdoor environments.

User needs

Are you looking to equip a basic backyard gym area, or tailor to the needs of several users in an outdoor commercial gym space? Looking at the intended use of the outdoor space will help you select the right type of equipment. The galvanized racks and rigs from the XF range features different configurations and customization possibilities that are versatile enough to create an outdoor area in your home or commercial facility. Users or facilities can customize the equipment with a variety of storage components and attachments.


When not in use, store your free weight equipment in an indoor, dry environment to protect it from the elements. Storage shelves in the XF range can house free weights, plates, medicine balls and kettlebells in backyard gyms. With XF storage, facilities using the container solution can configure any standard container into a storage area to house equipment when not in use.

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