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March 13, 2023

Dr Ali Ghanem launches revolutionary facial and body muscle toning treatments

The only professor of aesthetics in the UK has announced the European launch of EMFACE, the first non-invasive device to treat multiple facial layers simultaneously to help tone the facial muscles, synthesise new collagen and elastin, and reduce wrinkles.

Professor Ali Ghanem is the only expert in the country to treat with EMFACE, which uses synchronised radio frequency (RF) and HIFES technology. New clinical studies on EMFACE have found three months following the treatment:

• 110-129% increased elastin
• 37% wrinkle reduction
• 26% increased collagen
• 25% skin evenness improvement
• 30% increased muscle tone
• 23% overall lifting effect
• 19% muscle density increase
• 21% increase in the number of myonuclei, the nuclei of a muscle fibre, which provide the muscle with nutrition

“This is the only treatment of its kind”, says Professor Ali Ghanem. “EMFACE tones facial muscles and refreshes the face, it is like going to the gym for ageing.”

Why is Professor Ghanem pioneering EMFACE?

“Most heat-based devices create scarring under the skin, known as fibrosis and adhesions. Whilst this is what helps lead to skin tightening, if you then decide to have surgical treatment in the future, you may experience complications. EMFACE has a much lower risk of scarring under the skin, and therefore reduces the risk, and leads to better long-term prospects. This remarkable new technology respects the skin’s structure and ensures there are no adhesions which may affect the prospect of future treatment success.”

The award-winning aesthetic specialist has earned a reputation as one of the world’s go to specialists in facial rejuvenation. His tailored treatment plans can include the latest energy-based, injectable and surgical treatments, and Professor Ghanem will be treating with EMFACE as part of his exclusive Total Facial Refresh multi-modal treatment.

How does EMFACE work?

EMFACE heats the skin tissue to stimulate an increase in fibroblast activity, leading to an increased synthesis of new collagen and elastin fibres. In addition, the old collagen and elastin fibres decompose and denature and are rebuilt again.

EMFACE doesn’t only treat skin texture concerns. As we age, facial tissues become saggy due to changes in the facial musculature and laxity in the connective tissue. Therefore, it is necessary to target the underlying structures to achieve a more youthful appearance. EMFACE utilises HIFES technology to induce contractions in the facial muscles. The contractions trigger a tissue response leading to muscle protein synthesis and to muscle tissue renewal. This helps give the facial muscles more structure, increasing volume in the midface and improving the nasolabial fold. The result is a reduction in jowls and increase in jawline contouring.

The new device also improves the subdermal connective tissue. The facial framework is largely composed of elastin, collagen and connective tissue, and their degradation is part of the ageing process. Synchronised radio frequency heating using EMFACE helps with increased fascial tightness and elasticity – leading to reduced horizontal forehead lines, brow elevation and skin texture improvement.

Flank treatment which addresses body tone and visceral fat

BTL, which has developed the new EMFACE, has also asked Professor Ghanem to spearhead the European launch of its new EDGE applicator for treating the flanks, the space between the ribs and the hip. “This remarkable new device works on the muscles and burns visceral fat, which reduces the risk of heart disease”, Professor Ghanem explains. “This treatment actually supports our physiological health and is therefore more than a device for aesthetic body toning and shaping. Both devices mimic physiological ageing prevention methods such as gym sessions, and are very significant additions to the way we treat the ageing face and body”.

Professor Ghanem will be offering the EDGE procedure as part of his Total Body Transformation treatment protocol.

Treatment procedure:

After an initial health consultation, Professor Ghanem recommends 4 x 20-minute treatments once a week for a month. The treatment has no downtime, and results tend to show 6-12 weeks after treatment. Results last around a year.

For more information about Professor Ali Ghanem’s work and his Total Face Refresh, please visit here

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