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September 5, 2022

Dr Manrina Rhode – known as one of the top cosmetic dentists in the UK

I remember having a conversation with a favourite client of mine years and years ago who said “to hang on to that youthful look you need to have beautiful eyebrows and a perfect smile” and this has stayed with me over the years. It has inspired me to do my best to acheive that so-called perfect smile, eyebrows… that’s easy, perfect smile not so easy!

When I was approached by Dr Manrina Rhode of the dental clinic of the same name for a consultation and possible treatment plan, I was both excited and intrigued. We only have one set of teeth, it’s important to take great care of them, and I do, but they were far from perfect. I had a terrible bite, an elongated incisor, and very worn lower front six teeth, they were all quite straight, just a bit irregular.

I met Dr Rhode in her Brompton Road clinic in London for a lengthy and concise consultation, that involved a lot of photos and an examination of my whole mouth in the extremely high-tech dental chair, made to order exactly as Dr Rhode requested.

The chair is literally space-age and includes:

A heated water/air in the syringe so the air/ water is warmed when used in the mouth to prevent sensitivity.
The computer on the chair allows technicians to dial in if there is a problem.
It spins like a robot to the optimal position for the patient and dentist to allow for easy communication and comfort.
The movement sensor autofill’s the cup.
Electric hand motor for super quiet, smooth drill.
Xray mounted to the chair so the patient doesn’t need to move for x-rays.
Memory Foam Upholstery for comfort.
Auto Steril Disinfection program for the very best in cross-infection protection.
Pneumatic headrest with multi-axis rotation for optimum patient comfort when lying down.
Wireless Bluetooth foot control.

Following the incredibly precise consultation to decide what the best treatment plan was for me we began. My plan included dental bonding on six front upper and six front lower teeth and a little contouring on a couple of slightly longer incisors.

Dental bonding is a minimally invasive way to add a portion of composite (a material that looks very much like teeth) to your tooth. This procedure often doesn’t require any injections or drilling. It’s a material added to the surface of the natural tooth.

The composite used at DRMR is Venus Pearl by Kulzer. Venus Pearl offers exceptional high sculptability and strength. This ensures long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing restorations with a permanent, natural lustre, creating an outstandingly natural look.

The entire treatment from the beginning of the consultation to the exciting inspection in the mirror at the end, was just under two hours! Incredible, almost a lunchtime procedure. It was completely painless, not at all even the slightest bit uncomfortable and no downtime needed, the perfect smile almost achieved in such a short time. I say almost, the final step to complete the pearly white smile was to use the home teeth whitening kit Dr Rhode supplies, for just one hour a day for two weeks, using precision teeth plates in which to place the whitening gel, made in-house at the clinic. This I did religiously every day for 14 days when out walking my dog, easy! The result of the bonding and whitening is astounding, the look is totally natural, no silly over-white fake-looking teeth for me.

My confidence has grown and I find myself smiling so much more, no hand covering my mouth anymore, I am totally thrilled and tell everybody and show them off at every opportunity.

The DRMR Clinic has a complete programme to ensure you’re achieving the best you can be, they offer aesthetic procedures, and dietary advice and there’s even a body transformation coach. The dental treatments include: veneers, teeth whitening, bonding, gum reshaping, gum fillers and of course hygienist appointments. The team are the best in their field and instills confidence in your chosen path.

Thank you Dr Rhode, you’ve really given me a new lease of life!

A:  DRMR, Floor 1, 251 Brompton Road, London, SW3 2EP
W: Dr Manrina Rhode
T:   07770117000
E:  Bookings

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Written by Debbie Stone Global Editor for the Luxuria Lifestyle Group

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