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March 15, 2021

DR.VEGAN® Experts create new natural menopause support

New MenoFriend™ launches across the UK to ease the debilitating effects of Menopause with its natural formula.

DR.VEGAN® – the UK’s ground-breaking range of vegan vitamins and supplements – is launching MenoFriend™ to support the estimated 13 million women going through Menopause. With 1 in 4 women experiencing uncomfortable symptoms it offers a new, affordable, natural solution.

Created by a panel of experts and nutritionists, MenoFriend™ is a blend of natural, clinically tested ingredients shown to sooth and calm the most common symptoms of the Menopause including hot flushes, mood swings, night sweats, stress and memory depletion. The formula contains 19 botanicals, vitamins and minerals including Dong Quai , Red Clover (providing Isoflavones) , Sage , Wild Yam, Dandelion and Macca Roots and a B-Vitamin complex, all designed to naturally help regulate hormone activity to support a healthy mood, energy levels as well as promote good skin, bones and daily weight management.

DR.VEGAN® consultant nutritionist Shona Wilkinson says : “The average age of the Menopause is around 52 years old, although the symptoms before reaching Menopause (peri Menopause) have been known to start as early as 35. That’s a large proportion of the female population that are affected by changes in their hormones.

“While the Menopause is a natural event and not a health condition, the symptoms can be debilitating for many. MenoFriend™ is the ideal formula of botanicals, minerals and vitamins all working together to help alleviate symptoms, help regulate hormones and ease discomfort so that women can take the time to embrace a new stage in their life, and put themselves first.”

MenoFriend™ is available for £18.99 at www.drvegan.com for 60 capsules, 2 a day, or £16.99 if you Subscribe & Save 15%. It comes with Free First Class delivery and DR.VEGAN’s 30 day money-back guarantee across it’s range.

All DR.VEGAN® products are derived only from the world’s most sustainable producers and are designed to be compatible with every type of diet. Three quarters of DR.VEGAN® customers are not vegan but choose their supplements because they’re healthier for them and better for the environment. All packaging is biodegradable or recyclable, and customers receive a stylish refillable DR.VEGAN® pill tin with their first order. The refillable pill tin is a new innovation in supplements to address the huge waste in supplements and adds even greater convenience.

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