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February 18, 2021

DR.VEGAN®​ launches natural formula as stress levels rocket

DR.VEGAN® – the UK’s ground-breaking range of vegan vitamins and supplements – is launching StayCalm™, a new natural formula to help manage stress and anxiety, in support of the millions of people feeling unable to cope.

Stress Awareness Month (April 2021) is shining a light on the problem, and according to DR.VEGAN’s own research, 50% of people say their stress is high or overwhelming. Among 18-24 year olds it’s a staggering 63% and the impacts of stress are showing physically. Two thirds suffering often struggle to sleep or are insomniacs, and 6 in 10 regularly suffer poor concentration, focus and lack energy. 4 in 10 of those with stress issues are regularly suffering mood swings, have poor skin and hair, and have issues with losing weight.

StayCalm™ is a unique blend of selected botanical herbs, vitamins and minerals created by a panel of experts and nutritionists. The clinically proven ingredients have been chosen to help the mind and body manage stress and ease anxiety.

DR.VEGAN® consultant nutritionist Shona Wilkinson says: “We know we’re living in very stressful times and many are finding it hard to cope, particularly with the added insecurity of COVID19. StayCalm™ is a unique formulation of botanicals, minerals and vitamins, all working together to support psychological wellbeing, so you can rise to the demands of your day – whether you’re juggling deadlines, studying or managing a busy household.”

StayCalm™ is available for £14.99 at  DR.VEGAN® for 60 capsules, 2 a day, or £12.74 if you Subscribe & Save 15%. StayCalm™ comes with DR.VEGAN’s 30 day money back guarantee and delivery is Free via First Class Royal Mail through your letterbox. Check out the discount code CALM20 for a further discount.

All DR.VEGAN® products are derived only from the world’s most sustainable producers and are designed to be compatible with every type of diet. Three quarters of DR.VEGAN® customers are not vegan but choose their supplements because they’re healthier for them and better for the environment. All packaging is biodegradable or recyclable, and customers receive a stylish refillable DR.VEGAN® pill tin with their first order. The refillable pill tin is a new innovation to address the huge waste in supplements and adds even greater convenience.

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