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August 29, 2022

Drinkie – Premium pouched cocktails with no half measures

Drinkie was born during lock-down by two University buddies looking to create a new business that was covid friendly. Premium pouched cocktails that could be posted through the letterbox, with no human contact, yet providing that glamorous and luxurious much-needed treat.

I came across Drinkie through a friend who invited the limited six socially distancing friends in the garden for a cocktail party. We had the choice of eight of these delicious Drinkie cocktails that our host expertly shook in a cocktail shaker and then dressed with fruit, what a treat. The cocktails were superb and we all ordered a box to be home delivered with one of each of their range. I have since ordered additional boxes as a gift for several friends and each has been thrilled. It’s like ripples on a pond, the gift idea has grown and grown.

The Drinkie guys are producing more and more pouches and the company continues to grow, probably because the drinks are of superior quality, tasty and more-ish! Every Drinkie is created with the best ingredients, such as premium spirits or juices not from concentrate.

These little pouched cocktails have been designed by expert mixologists and bring you the taste of joy that we experienced, through your letterbox!

The pouches have been stress tested so they can take quite a beating! I will be adding one to my handbag before a night out, and adding a few to my winter and Christmas parties from now on.

There are three ways to enjoy a Drinkie, either the easy peasy way, level up a little, or become a pro! They regularly release “how to” videos on social media so give them a follow and check out the highlights or reels.

If you want to take your Drinkie experience to the next level, you might even consider learning how to edit videos to create your own unique twists on their suggested recipes!

After a busy summer of festivals, parties and corporate bookings the Drinkie team are now expanding with luxury mobile cocktail bars and a UK franchise programme.

On a final note we at Luxura Lifestyle are so impressed with the Drinkie brand we have presented them with one of our International 5 Star Luxury Review Awards.

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Written by Luxuria Lifestyle’s Global Editor Debbie Stone.

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