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May 20, 2022

Ducati Urban e-Mobility launches in the UK

● Ducati Urban e-Mobility full product suite now available in the UK market including e-scooters, e-bikes and accessories
● Six new products available including a folding e-bike, four electric scooters and one specialist off-road e-scooter
● Scooters retail from £299 – £899 and e-bikes start from £1,699.

London, United Kingdom: As the UK government has announced that they will soon expand the legal use of e-scooters and create a new low-speed zero-emission vehicle category, Ducati Urban e-Mobility line has been launched in the UK. The legendary Italian motorcycle brand has invested heavily in its personal electric vehicle collection, with a range of on and off-road electric scooters, as well as an e-bike with a cutting-edge magnesium design. Coming in with top quality design and innovation at mid-range prices, with e-scooters retailing from just £299.

Developed in partnership with Italian e-mobility specialists, Platum, the innovative collection of four electric scooters, one specialist off-road scooter and a folding e-bike has been curated by the Ducati Design Centre, for those who want an eco-friendly transport option with no compromise on style or performance.

IoT integration via Bluetooth allows for smartphone connectivity with all products linked to the Ducati Urban e-mobility App, which allows users to track the functions and performance of multiple Ducati products in real-time. This includes battery charge level, distance travelled and the last known position of the vehicle. Riders can also access technical assistance services in real-time via WhatsApp chat.

Rebecca Tyson, Country General Manager, Moov Electric (one of the official Ducati resellers), said: “It’s hugely exciting to see power brands like Ducati respond to the demand for sustainable transport by moving into the urban mobility sector. The investment in this type of innovation says a lot about the future of personal electric vehicles.

“Ducati has partnered with industry innovator Platum, who are working with Lamborghini and Aprilia on their e-mobility launches, so this range combines the very latest innovation with Ducati’s signature style.

“With prices starting from £299 these brands are a true competitor to existing models and will provide competition to brands already existing in the UK personal electric transport market.”

Stand out products from the range include Ducati’s latest and most technically advanced e-scooter, the Pro III, which retails for £799. The 350W brushless motor, capable of 515W of peak power, teamed with a 468Wh enhanced battery, gives riders over 30 miles of autonomy on a single charge. The Pro III’s 10” wheels with anti-puncture tubeless tyres and double front and rear brakes, as well as powerful LED lights for excellent visibility, ensure safety as well as performance. The magnesium frame means this scooter is light, but strong, and makes for a smooth ride by better absorbing vibrations. The use of NFC technology is unique to the Pro III, which comes with a token that allows the rider to unlock and start the vehicle for better security. The scooter’s display is equipped with a USB port that enables smartphone and device charging while in use.

Ducati’s specialist Scrambler scooter range is perfect for rural terrain, and the Scrambler CROSS-E with ‘fat’ 11.5” anti-puncture tubeless tyres is a go-to for riders battling dirt tracks and uneven roads. Retailing at £899, the Cross E’s brushless 500W motor guarantees excellent pick-up on uphill sections with no drop in pace. The 375Wh battery gives riders an autonomy of up to 24 miles from a five-hour charge and the durable frame, made of high-strength alloy steel, provides comfort and protection.

The latest to market from this range is Ducati’s first folding e-bike, the Ducati MG20, launched in February 2022 retailing at £1,699.99. This innovatively designed folding electric bike with a magnesium frame, forks and rims, ensures a light ride with no compromise on strength and durability for maximum performance with minimum resistance. At just 20kg with 20” x 2.125” wheels, this bike is ideal for urban travel combined with public and private transport. With a 250W engine, this bike will give you top speeds of up to 15mph. The battery is integrated into the frame’s signature sleek, distinctive Ducati style and can be removed and a full five-hour charge giving riders an autonomy of up to 30 miles.

The Pro II Evo has a magnesium alloy frame, just like the MG20 e-bike, which makes for a light, strong structure and weighs in at around 20kg. The 350W continuous brush motor coupled with the 280W battery will allow riders to cover up to 25 miles with a single charge. With rear suspension, 10” puncture-proof tubeless tyres and electric front and rear disc brake the Pro II Evo is a stylish ride with no compromise on safety.

E-scooters, for the moment, are only to be used on private land and should not be used on public roads or cycle lanes.

All products are available now at Moov Electric and in other Ducati partner retailers across the UK.

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