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September 12, 2023

Elevate your style with the Poppy Rucksack by Sarah Haran

The ultimate 4-in-1 companion for mums on the go.

Sarah Haran Accessories unveils the perfect accessory to empower mothers juggling school and work. The Poppy Rucksack by Sarah Haran redefines functionality and style. These bags offer a 4-in-1 solution that adapts to the dynamic lives of modern mothers.

The Poppy Rucksack is more than just a bag; it’s a versatile companion designed to make everyday life easier and more stylish. This innovative creation can be effortlessly transformed into a backpack, tote, crossbody, or shoulder bag, adapting to any situation with grace and charm. Its unique detachable Ivy pouch further adds to its flexibility, allowing for an elegant crossbody or clutch bag transformation.

Organization has never been easier with the Poppy Rucksack’s 8 thoughtfully designed internal pockets. Busy mums can now keep track of their essentials throughout the day.

Established in 2017, Sarah Haran Accessories has garnered a reputation for crafting luxury handbags that seamlessly blend fashion and function. Inspired by a personal mission to create a handbag that effortlessly transitions from day to evening. Founder Sarah Haran embarked on a journey of passion and dedication and her training under the former Creative Director of Mulberry honed her skills. This paved the way for a vision that not only fulfills practical needs but also empowers women to express their individual sense of style.

At the heart of Sarah Haran handbags is an ingenious popper system that allows wearers to endlessly restyle their bags, creating entirely new looks from a single accessory. This innovation sets Sarah Haran handbags apart, transforming each bag into a unique expression of personal taste and identity. The popper system offers a seamless way to update and transform, ensuring versatility remains at the forefront of every design.

The brand’s commitment to excellence has not gone unnoticed. Sarah Haran Accessories has garnered critical acclaim from esteemed publications such as The Guardian, The Scotsman, The Times, and Marie Claire. Fashion Director Anna Murphy of The Times praised the bags as “a stroke of genius,” acknowledging their innovative appeal and transformative power.

Sarah Haran Accessories is not solely focused on crafting exceptional handbags. The brand is dedicated to nurturing a vibrant community and bringing joy to the lives of women. Through events and the engaging ‘Bags of Joy’ Facebook group, the brand provides a platform for customers to connect, celebrate, and experience a sense of togetherness. Sarah Haran Accessories aspires to create not just stylish accessories, but a supportive environment that brings joy to women’s lives.

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