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July 25, 2020

ESCȦ A Sophisticated Food Journey

Get ready to entice all your senses as Heliopolis’ elegant dining spot is back! As they re-opened their doors on the 27th of June 2020, let’s have a talk as to why the 2020 Nominee for the World Luxury Restaurant award is the place to enjoy your post lockdown celebration meal.

Bringing to life an ancient Latin Mediterranean spirit from the depiction of ancient art on their infamous wall, creative use of different lighting forms, the arrangement of greenery sets, clever usage of linearity to the selection of muted grey tones and golden framed mirrors all while having a sophisticated yet simple modern imprint that artistically complements and brings the whole place together is nothing but ESCȦ’s sheer success to implementing a visionary concept for hospitable dining and creating an ambience like no other.

Now, in such place food plays a core role in reflecting this vision, and none can do it better like the eminent Wessam Massoud with his expertise in using both foreign and Egyptian ingredients to intertwine creating a menu of classic dishes with a modern twist reciprocating the true essence of ESCȦ. Nevertheless, mastering the implementation and technique of such plates are impeccably served by head chef Mohamed Magdy.

By now, you can only conclude that it is guaranteed that every plate from appetizer to dessert is a showstopper by itself, sophisticated, flavoursome, coloured elegantly, cooked to perfection and is induced by harmonized local and foreign ingredients assuring an unforgettable food experience.

It’s worth mentioning that you can now watch ESCȦ’s one and only Founder and CEO Ahmed Heggy and Mohamed Magdy in their online cooking sessions where they will be sharing culinary secrets.

Moreover, as ESCȦ is reopening its doors; measures of safety are being taken following government health and safety guidelines, while you can still make your online orders through the  website.

Finally, creating such a place that brings out such quality of service and food shows absolute dedication to a vision believed by all team members and participants and that’s what makes ESCȦ stand-out and is one of the most top-notch places in Cairo.

Written by Maye Sharif Talaat For Luxuria Lifestyle Egypt

Instagram / #Luxurialife