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December 3, 2020

Escape the city without really escaping it to this hidden gem – Voodoo Lily Café

Voodoo Lily Café offers the perfect setting, picture a warm summer day, somewhere in Europe, a cute little sidewalk café, people laughing and enjoying good food. An inviting and relaxed atmosphere offering food and drinks suitable for everyone, ensuring a place that is great for a little pick me up or great to share with friends, family and corporate colleagues. They specialize in warm and welcoming hospitality, fresh ingredients, simple dishes brought together in delicious ways, imaginative, unexpected and absolutely refreshing and divine. Voodoo Lily Café delivers dishes that are fresh, nutritious, wholesome and delicious.

Set in a quiet street in Johannesburg, South Africa, surrounded by lush trees and a small concrete jungle. Around the corner of a very cute neighbourhood, we were so blessed to experience this gem in the midst of a neighbourhood trick-or-treat event, the cutest little ones running around in their costumes. The feeling of safety, wholesome food and incredible surroundings are what come to mind when you visit this cute little café.

Voodoo Lily, unfortunately, had to close their doors due to covid-19 regulations in South Africa, not because they were overstepping the law, but because all restaurants had to close their doors, which was a hard hit to the restaurant industry. They had to come up with something and fast to ensure that they do not go out of business and also to ensure that their staff are well looked after and can take care of their families as well. The owners of this impeccable place had the genius idea of converting part of this restaurant into a grocery store as these were still allowed to operate (since everyone needs groceries), but with an interesting twist. The Gourmet Grocer offers really good ingredients and options that you won’t typically find in your local supermarket, whole foods, fresh ingredients, and really as in its name, gourmet products. This way they ensured that their doors remained open and promised job continuity throughout this pandemic.

There is a type of vibe to this place, if you’ve never been to Europe, imagine a Cape Town street café, busy, beautiful and filled with delicious food and great conversation, minus the mountains of course. We were spoiled for choice with their incredible variety of dishes that are available on their menu, they cater for everyone, and I mean absolutely everyone, even your furry friends have options to choose from on the menu. Offering food from deep-fried hake and chips (a favourite to many as we know), fresh and crispy chicken wraps served with your choice of side, to vegan and vegetarian options such as falafel bowls and fresh smoothie bowls, you can end off your visit with spoiled for choice sweet options.

They offer freshly squeezed juices, alcoholic beverages, milkshakes, coffee shakes and of course probably the best coffee you can imagine. Their staff absolutely know their stuff when it comes to the coffee bar, not only is it a good spot to look at but even more delicious to enjoy. A beautiful mosaic mural that just takes your breath away when you see it and also a very pretty spot to take a photo. They have unique and cute little lounge area surrounded by various wines and gins to take home after your visit. They have music playing in the background, freshly baked goods displayed right there at your table, also a great ice-cream cart which is a really interesting method of ice-cream making, using fresh ingredients and made to your personal taste, a favourite to every kid passing by, to be honest, probably everyone, who doesn’t love ice-cream right?

If you are ever in the Sandton area in Johannesburg, this little hidden gem is the perfect spot for a quick breakfast, lunch or late lunch and if you intend on staying a while, why not make it a whole day thing, they will keep you satisfied all day.

A: St Andrew St & Wrenrose Ave, Birdhaven, Johannesburg, 2196
W: Voodoo Lily Café
T: +27 11 442 6965

Written by Shannon Uijs for Luxuria Lifestyle South Africa

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