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March 8, 2021

Europe’s richest tech couple

A thoughtful and revealing memoir-cum-business book from the world’s most unlikely tech billionaires who are using their newfound wealth to help the planet

In 2009 the Slovenian couple Iza and Samo Login set out with the goal of creating a new startup that they would build into a successful business and sell in order to dedicate all their time to philanthropic pursuits. Within seven years, they sold their company, Outfit7 to a consortium of Chinese investors for one billion dollars, making them the richest couple in Slovenia, and the richest tech couple in the world.

Samo and Iza Login were Slovenian high school sweethearts who studied computer science in college and then decided in 2009 to get into the business of apps. With $250,000 they’d saved while working for local IT companies, the Logins started a company called Outfit7 with the aim of making a successful app. After six months of misfires, the Logins built a children’s game called Talking Tom Cat, the world’s first virtual pet for kids that can talk back to kids. A Tamagotchi for the iPhone generation, the wisecracking, adventure-seeking virtual cat Talking Tom Cat has been described as the “world’s most popular cat.”

Talking Tom Cat was an instant hit, launching a franchise whose titles have reached No. 1 in more than 100 countries on the App Store. Today, almost 580 million monthly active users support the apps, and Tom’s YouTube channel has more than 2 billion views. From its creation to its meteoritic rise, the app has been downloaded 13 billion times and engages with hundreds of millions active users every day.

7 Unicorn Drive tells their story as the first couple in the world to reach this level of accomplishment in business—creating a true “unicorn” in such a short amount of time.

Throughout 7 Unicorn Drive it is clear that the couple’s values, love, and support for each other are the backbone of the success of their company. Illuminating and engaging, their hands-on approach to management systems and structural organization prove that not only are they responsible to each other but they are also accountable to their entire staff.

Readers will also learn how Iza and Samo use both meditation and manifestation as a tool for leadership, illustrating that respect and collaboration can go a long way at a corporation. But most importantly, it transforms from a story about how to make a billion dollars to why. The Login’s goal from the very beginning was always to create a thriving business in order to dedicate their time and energies to philanthropic pursuits. As the richest couple in Slovenia they are set on changing the world for the better by investing in the research and development of new sustainable food initiatives and helping the fight against climate change.

About Iza and Samo Login

Iza Login combines years of project management, communication and motivational experience. She was Deputy CEO of Outfit7 where her role focused on business development, design workflow, and management of internal and external programs to aid the business. Prior to founding Outfit7, Iza ran a center for better quality of life, and held posts at Microsoft and Novartis. She holds a master’s in computer science from the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Computer Science. She lives between London, Cyprus and Slovenia with her husband and grown up children.

Samo Login was CEO of Outfit7 Limited—one of the fastest-growing media entertainment companies on the planet. The architect of Outfit7’s Talking Tom and Friends franchise, Samo led the creative and overall strategy for both the company and its products. Prior to founding Outfit7, Samo served as the founding Chief Technology Officer at the popular search engine portal Najdi.si, which was acquired by Telekom Slovenije in 2009. He holds a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Maribor, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He lives between London, Cyprus and Slovenia with his wife and grown up children.

Login Foundation

Following the sale of Outfit7 in 2017, Iza and Samo Login created the Login5 Foundation to dedicate their time and resources to a number of projects affecting the human race and the environment.

7 Unicorn Drive: From Startup to a Billion Dollar Sale in 7 Years – The Adventure of Iza and Samo Login by Dani Polajnar is out now (UK)/out now (US) (Aphrodite).


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