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June 29, 2022

Expert Approved Tips and Trends That Make Shopping for Swimwear Easier

The long-anticipated summer months are here and with it endless poolside rosé, beach vacation pictures on Instagram, and a yearning for the perfect swimsuit. New trends to choose from run the gamut, and while it can be fun and exciting there’s always a sense that things can get a tad stressful. Sifting through the options online and even in stores presents the opportunity to select from endless options that are fashion-forward, comfortable, practical, or all or none of the above.

Industry experts from fashion forecasters, designers, and those who use their lingerie expertise to create body-confident beachwear, have a head-start on the season and an eye to making the experience easier for those looking to update their swimwear wardrobe.

Trends to Follow

There are so many fun trends this summer season that it’s hard to pick just one. So, don’t! Allow yourself to experiment with shapes, colors, and even textures. Some of the biggest trends include cutout bathing suits of all different designs. Low and Open Backs are always ready to turn heads and be on the lookout for three-piece sets which include a matching skirt or cover up. The newest trend that’s hot as the sun — zippers. A style that never goes out of fashion and suits most body shapes is a stylish one-piece bikini.

Dora Lau, founder and president of Dora L International, a global sourcing and design company that focuses on bras, lingerie, and swimwear, comments that this year people need to focus on fabric innovations in swimwear. “Fabric innovations that we are seeing have SPF and offer protection from the sun. There are also fabrics that offer colorfastness to chlorine, and fabrics made with recycled nylon-like Econyl which is made entirely from ocean and landfill waste, such as industrial plastic and fabric scraps from clothing manufacturing companies. It’s amazing to see how far things have come,” she comments.

Start with Feeling Confident

So where should one start? Yulia Drummond, designer and creator of Voda Swim, says, “When shopping for swimwear, I always recommend looking for a style that makes you feel your best and accentuates the natural beauty of your body type. It’s also important to know your measurements and reference sizing charts because every brand’s fit is a little different. Keep in mind that you do not have to sacrifice comfort for a stylish fit. When finding a quality swimsuit, you may opt for styles that do not have underwire and are made of durable materials, so that you know it will last beyond one season.”

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

It’s important to first think about what style you will feel most confident wearing to the beach or poolside. Perhaps you even want to step out of your comfort zone and try something new while on vacation where it’s unlikely that you will see people that you know. Women around the world wear bikinis and bathing suits in all different ways. There’s the ultra-cool surfer look whose vibe is sporty and made to look like it’s all about the waves. Sun lovers who soak up the rays in tiny string bikinis and cocktail in hand are consistent in their passion for a two-piece. For those that love a combination of reading a good book by the beach and then going for a stroll, combining swimwear with streetwear is a lesson in styling warm-weather looks just right.

Make Shopping A Fun Experience

Lisa Sanchez, in-house stylist for The Nines, an online destination for celebrity style and trends explains how she shops for swimwear, “Having fun in pursuit of the right swimsuit really depends on your mood. When you’re bummed, nothing is going to feel right. I primarily shop online so I try to get in the zone by setting the right atmosphere. I like to already imagine I’m on my tropical getaway and identify what I want to wear on my jaunt to the beach. I put on some beach sounds on my phone and then on my computer I might play some steel drum music, or whatever secondary sounds will make the ambiance feel right. This helps me better envision how I will look when wearing the different suits, and I can spend hours happily scanning sites.”

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