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April 3, 2024

Explore Yachting – Which Greek Island is the Best Fit for You?

When planning a yachting holiday in Greece, the initial query often revolves around selecting the ideal destination. With numerous options to consider, it can be overwhelming to decide. Here, we simplify the distinctions for you, eliminating the need for extensive research. Whether you’re travelling with a group of friends, family, or young children, there’s a perfect match for you and your party.

We will delve into the unique characteristics of the five island groups we offer:

North Ionian
South Ionian

Saronics: Conveniently situated just south of Athens, the Saronic Islands are an ideal destination for all sailors. With a warm climate and generally calm winds, these islands offer a port for every night, allowing you to explore the area easily. This feature makes it particularly suitable for families with children who may appreciate a change of scenery from the yacht. Moreover, several towns on these islands boast vibrant nightlife scenes, complete with amazing cocktail bars, making it perfect for groups of friends or those celebrating special occasions. The islands are closely located to each other, with an average traveling time of three hours between destinations. Beginning your holiday in Athens allows for some time to explore this beautiful, vibrant, and historically rich city. Additionally, Athens serves as the largest yachting base in Greece, ensuring endless availability of different yachts for your party.

Conclusion: The Saronic Islands offer a great destination for first-time sailors, families, and those seeking the convenience of being close to a bustling city.

Cyclades: The Cyclades are renowned for their iconic destinations like Mykonos and Santorini, characterized by their charming white-washed houses and blue shutters, making them immensely popular among travelers. However, beyond these well-known islands, the Cyclades boast picturesque gems that are worth exploring. During the summer months, the islands experience strong winds known as the Meltemi. This dry, hot wind is created by high pressure over Greece and low pressure over Turkey, with the Cyclades situated in between, resulting in powerful northerly winds. The intensity of the wind increases with rising temperatures, particularly in July and August, where wind speeds can range from 25 to 50 knots. Consequently, the Cyclades are considered the top destination for experienced sailors and those traveling without children. Although travel time between islands is slightly longer, averaging between 4 to 5 hours depending on the direction of travel, sailing in these conditions promises an exhilarating experience.

Conclusion: Explore the wind-swept islands of the Cyclades if you possess sailing experience or are not prone to seasickness. This destination is perfect for groups of friends or families with older children, thanks to its vibrant nightlife and thrilling sailing opportunities.

Dodecanese: Often overshadowed by its more famous counterparts, the Dodecanese is a hidden gem that should not be overlooked. Situated close to Turkey, these islands boast a rich tapestry of culture and history awaiting exploration. Your journey begins in Rhodes, a captivating island in its own right, offering the opportunity to immerse yourself in its remarkable old town. While the Meltemi wind also reaches these islands, it tends to be slightly less intense compared to the Cyclades, creating favorable conditions for sailing and cruising. The distance between islands is flexible, depending on how far north you wish to venture, with more remote destinations offering a rural charm. Although larger islands like Rhodes and Kos boast decent nightlife, most others offer laid-back evenings ideal for late-night dinners and drinks. Thanks to its historical significance, the Dodecanese features unique architecture not found elsewhere in Greece.

Conclusion: The Dodecanese is a treasure trove of culture and history, offering a quieter and more spacious alternative to busier destinations. The Meltemi winds provide excellent sailing opportunities during the day, while sheltered bays offer tranquil spots for swimming. Charming towns offer local shopping and a diverse array of restaurants. This destination is well-suited for young families seeking adventure and travellers eager to explore something off the beaten path.

North Ionian: Your holiday begins on the picturesque island of Corfu, a well-known and popular destination in its own right. Here, the islands are slightly more dispersed, offering beautiful villages nestled upon the hillsides along the coast. The Ionian region is renowned for its incredible seafood and warm hospitality, with locals known for their friendliness and welcoming demeanour. Crystal-clear waters invite snorkelling enthusiasts, while the villages buzz with excitement during the evenings and nights. Although the weather here is generally calm, pleasant afternoon breezes occasionally provide opportunities to hoist the sails for a steady cruise to the next destination. This destination is perfect for those who wish to combine a week on land with a week on the water. It’s an ideal choice for families and friends new to sailing but eager to experience the thrill of sailing.

Conclusion: The North Ionian offers a fantastic all-round experience for all types of groups. Travel distances between the islands are flexible, ranging from just two hours to four or five a day, allowing for a perfect blend of sailing, exploring, and swimming.

South Ionian: A Cruiser’s Paradise. With a plethora of islands, you won’t need to venture far to discover your next slice of paradise. There are plenty of tranquil bays to anchor for lunch and an abundance of beautiful towns to spend the night. Like its northern counterpart, the South Ionian is celebrated for its delectable seafood and culinary delights. During the summer, the region experiences gentle winds, making it ideal for leisurely sailing. If you’re fortunate, you may encounter a refreshing afternoon breeze, perfect for an idyllic sail. As one of the most sought-after destinations for bareboat charters, it can get rather busy during the summer months. To ensure a berth in the port, be sure to arrive on time. You can embark on your holiday from either Lefkas or Preveza.

Conclusion: The South Ionian dazzles with its vibrant villages and crystalline waters. It’s the perfect haven for those seeking maximum relaxation and serene weather throughout the summer. Suitable for all ages and diverse groups, but be sure to book quickly as yachts tend to fill up fast in this popular destination!

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