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April 28, 2021

Ferrari Trento Named Official Toast of Formula 1® Exclusive Interview with Matteo Lunelli

The FIA Formula 1® World Championship welcomes Italy’s premium sparkling wine to the podium.

With Ferrari Trento named the Official Sparkling Wine of Formula 1®, the celebration and recognition of respect between the incredible brand partnership will be one to savour.

Luxuria had the opportunity to speak with Ferrari Trento President and CEO, Matteo Lunelli to find out more about this pioneering partnership.

Matteo, what are your expectations for the new Ferrari Trentodoc partnership?

We have very high expectations because Formula 1 is a global platform with a huge fan base. This partnership will give us access to an extraordinary and unique stage over the next three years, that will allow us to bring our award-winning Trentodoc bubbles to new and familiar markets around the world.

By joining the Formula 1® celebrations, we will strengthen Ferrari Trento’s international awareness, with our sparkling wines becoming a central part of what is the most iconic award ceremony in the realm of sports, to which we aim to bring a touch of Italian conviviality!

It is the perfect opportunity to accelerate the global growth we have seen over recent years, which has included some brilliant award wins from some of the wine sector’s key opinion leaders, as well as our participation in other renowned events such as the Emmy Awards and most recently joining the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli team at the America’s Cup.

You’ll certainly bring a touch if Italian style to the Formula 1® celebrations by presenting the time globally to people. Matteo, I’m intrigued about the shared values that this collaboration based on?

A great question; Formula 1 is a one-of-a-kind international stage, which represents key values of innovation, excellence and passion, three values that Ferrari Trento shares and in which it fully recognises itself.

This partnership takes place not only because Ferrari Trento is one of the most-awarded producers of sparkling wines, but also in recognition of our long and respected history, which similar to Formula 1, spans over a century. Our sparkling wines have also been appreciated by distinguished guests at major international events for decades, with a Ferrari Trentodoc Jeroboam bottle even making an appearance on a Formula 1® podium in Monza GP in 1984 . However, this year’s return marks a special moment as we introduce our world-class sparkling wine at all Formula 1® Grands Prix.

It is because of Formula 1’s innovative spirit, that the team wanted to go “beyond” what has always been the traditional offering: Champagne. It is now evident between wine opinion leaders that in the sparkling wine space, just like in the still wine space, excellence is not a monopoly of one territory in the world and others can aspire to the highest levels of quality, through their own identity.

Ferrari is a Trentodoc, and it is an expression of the mountain viticulture of Trentino; this wonderful terroir provides freshness, elegance and finesse to our wines and makes Ferrari style unique.

As a huge fan of sparkling wine myself, I couldn’t agree more. What made you embark on this project, and why now?
This partnership is a great opportunity which fills us and our business with huge pride. We believe it is a confirmation of the strength of the Ferrari Trento brand, and we think it also represents the pride of Italy as a whole. For us this will be a very important and significant investment, but we are confident that it will make the difference for the long-term development and growth of our company.

We decided to embark on this project even in this complex time that the world is currently experiencing, because we strongly believe in the future of Ferrari Trento and in the dream that Giulio Ferrari, our founder, started over a century ago.

Written by Kaya Cheshire for Luxuria Lifestyle International and London

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