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April 20, 2021

Five Reasons Not to Sell Your Luxury House Yourself  

Preparing to sell a luxury home can be an exciting and stressful prospect. Spending money to hire an agent to represent you may seem like an unnecessary expense, but it’s one of the best investments you can make. Here are five reasons you should avoid selling your luxury home on your own:

1. You Won’t Know What Buyers Want

If you want to sell a home for the best price, you must know what buyers expect in a property. Even if your market is extremely active, you’ll likely struggle to secure offers if your home doesn’t meet buyers’ needs. An experienced real estate agent can identify the advantages of your residence and market it in a way that garners interest from a large pool of potential buyers.

2. The Right Buyers Won’t See Your Home

Buyers looking for luxury homes typically don’t search on common real estate websites, such as Zillow or Realtor. Like a valuable gem, high-end properties are often hidden from view. If you don’t have an agent who can help bring the right kinds of buyers to your door, you may end up with visitors who want to look around your home but have no intention of buying it. Agents can determine which buyers are committed to purchasing a property like yours.

3. You Won’t Have an Agent to Support You

Under the best circumstances, selling a home is a complicated process. This is because you must negotiate between your needs and the expectations of the buyer. If you’re selling a home without an agent, you are often requiring the buyer’s agent to do twice the amount of work. As a result, you may not get as many requests for a showing. Hiring an agent guarantees that you have a qualified professional prepared to negotiate on your behalf.

4. You May Wait Months for a Sale

Luxury home sales tend to take a little longer than the average real estate transaction, primarily because it takes time to locate an ideal buyer. If you hire an agent to assist you, you have a higher likelihood of finding an interested buyer and completing the sale quickly. An agent may recommend that you consider a  real estate auction, as well. Auctions are an excellent choice for luxury home sales because they streamline the process from the start.

5. You Won’t Get the Best Sale Price

You may have a variety of goals you’d like to achieve through the sale of your luxury home. Of course, achieving the best sale price is typically the most important. Selling with a real estate agent is not just an expense out of your profits – it’s an investment in a favorable conclusion. Homes sold with an agent often carry a higher sale price than those sold by the owner, and without a professional’s support, you may wait months before you even get an offer.

Selling a luxury home is much easier when you hire a real estate agent or auction company to guarantee your interests throughout the process. When you keep these concerns in mind, you can understand why an agent is one of the best assets you have during your home sale.

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