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June 6, 2022

Four Things To Know About Back Pain And Injuries

It is such a cliché that as we get older, we need to start looking after our backs a lot more. However, it is a cliché precisely because it is true. All the stress and strain can really start to add up to the pressure on our spine. But it is not just about making sure that you bend down to lift heavy boxes. Spinal injuries can be really serious, and there is a lot that people do not know about them. Here are a few key things to remember if you suffer from back pain or if you are recovering from a spinal injury.

Don’t Wait To Get It Checked

Let’s start with a point that goes for any medical issue that you may be worried about, go, and get it checked by a professional. Whether it is a twinge that keeps you up at night or an injury that you are pretty confident that you can walk off, it is so important that you seek medical advice promptly. Now, we know that waiting times for your GP may be longer than we would like right now. But these issues can absolutely get worse over time, and you do not need to be putting yourself through any undue pain or sleepless nights.

Know When You Are Due Compensation

We do not need to tell you how serious a spinal cord injury can be. This is the kind of injury that can be life-altering. If you feel like you have been injured as the result of someone else’s behaviour or lack of action, you should absolutely seek the advice of a legal professional. One of the most devastating instances of this can be medical malpractice or negligence, where the spine is injured during an operation, or an issue has not been noticed. If you feel like this applies to you, contact spinal injury solicitors. These experts will ensure that you have the same specialist solicitor throughout the case, and it will help you get the results you deserve.

Exercise May Help With Back Pain

When you are recovering from a back injury or simply suffering from some back pain, it is important to rest. However, it is just as important to maintain some mild exercise routines. We are all trying to get out more and exercise for our physical and our mental health, but it can also be a great way to help your muscles heal. It will also help to give them a boost to lower the risk of an injury or pain recurring.

Getting Better Sleep Will Help Your Back

So many of us have been struggling with our sleep patterns over the last couple of years. Insomnia has seen a major increase in the UK in the last couple of years. This has an impact on our mental wellbeing and our energy levels, but it can also take its toll on your back. If you are not sleeping enough, or if you are restless during the night, it will give the muscles and nerves in your back less time to recover and repair. Think about changing your mattress or your pillows if you feel like you are not getting enough support. You should also be aiming for between seven to nine hours of sleep a night depending on your needs.

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