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March 3, 2021

Frank & Faber – Creating exceptional, unique world-class interiors

Sarah Ellison, founder of Frank and Faber, is renowned for her ability to create outstanding, superior interiors in the residential, commercial and hospitality sectors.

Over seven years ago, Ellison turned her innate talent and passion for design into her profession; leaving behind a life in events and marketing, retraining at KLC School of Design and setting up Frank and Faber in 2015.

The business has rocketed. Ellison and her gifted team are currently working on an impressive portfolio including a Georgian estate in Essex, a large, high-spec newbuild in Hampstead Garden Suburbs, as well as residential projects in Hackney, Highbury and Kensington.

Ellison’s recent clients include the celebrity hairdresser George Northwood, a firm favourite with Alexa Chung and Meghan Markle, and the much celebrated and sophisticated Somerset boutique hotel, Number One Bruton, together with the interior of the onsite restaurant ‘Osip’, which boasts Michelin starred head-chef Merlin Labron-Johnson at the helm.

The hotel and farm-to-table restaurant have been inundated with press attention for their dedication to craft heritage, artistry and culture. The predominately neutral scheme of Labron-Johnson’s bijou restaurant, with lovingly restored exposed stone, artisanal tiles and raw plaster walls, mirrors the chef’s devotion to locality, simplicity and quality in his menu.

Ellison’s bespoke approach is led by the individuality of her impressive roster of clients – many of whom are high profile entrepreneurs, and to date rather interestingly, all have founded their own businesses across the music, arts and financial sectors.

Describing her tailored design ethos, Ellison explains, “Our starting point is the person or people behind the project and their individual stories. We capture their personalities, helping us to produce a 360 sensory space for them to experience and enjoy. We marry the individuals with a careful consideration of the heritage of the buildings they occupy to ensure a feeling of unity, solace and comfort.”

Frank and Faber are dedicated to the authentic use of the world’s finest materials, often in a rich earthy palette, with added interest and fascination through texture and layering. Ellison encourages her clients to make bold, daring choices in terms of palette, pattern and patina, personally handpicking a carefully selected treasure trove of modern and antique items to complement her schemes.

The story behind the business name also embodies Ellison’s brand. Creating ‘Frank’, authentic and sincere interiors, as well as it being the name of her Grandfather, a highly skilled upholsterer from Yorkshire. ‘Faber’, the Latin word for artisan, reflects the expert craftspeople, superior materials and curated artifacts which are the principle corner stones of Frank and Faber.

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