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October 18, 2021

Gentlemen Driving Club

Gentlemen Driving Club is a membership club for international sports car and racing enthusiasts currently with two locations in Palma de Mallorca and Marbella. Peter Redrin is the President and CEO.

‘Gentleman Driver’ – Where does this name originate from?

‘Well, we are all a bit seasoned, the majority of us between 40 and 65 years old! We love driving our sports cars on road and race tracks. In the LeMans 24 hours series there are 3 drivers per car. It is a rule that one of the drivers must be a ‘non-professional’ driver and this team member is called the ‘Gentleman Driver’.’

What makes your club ‘International’?

‘We are now active in Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, USA and soon more countries. In every region we organise track days, weekend drives and other type of social gatherings. Unfortunately, most of that was put on hold because of the pandemic, but now that things are opening again, we are preparing all sorts of new events.’

The club started in 2014 and you became a member in 2019. Why did you decide to go international in 2019?

‘I was asked by one of the founding members to lead the expansion of the club. The reason for going international is simply because our members are international people and they like to drive their cars on roads and tracks in different countries. It was natural evolution.’

You now have two garages, one in Palma de Mallorca and one in Marbella. What do the car parks look like when you meet up?

‘Actually, a great mix of cars, sports cars from different eras and also some classical cars. Our members are a mix of car collectors, sports car owners, racing drivers and company owners in industries connected to the sports car & racing world.’

What subscription fees do you levy for each tier of membership?

‘Membership to the club costs €249 per year and being a sponsor costs €499 per year as well. There is not much profit in a club like this, it’s more of a cost covering idea. If we end up with a profit, it will go back to the members in one way or other.’

What sort of activities are available to your members?

‘We try to keep busy with a wide variety of activities. In our Events Calendar, you can see track days in the best circuits around Spain and Europe, weekend drives exploring beautiful roads both in Mallorca and around Marbella with stops in interesting locations, meetups in our garages with after work parties during the week and BBQs on Saturdays, and sponsor events both in our garages and in their stores.’

How can members qualify for discount offers?

‘Inside the members area of our webpage, a paying member will login to reach this with their personal digital membership card. This card has a unique number and a QR code, for identification purposes.’

Define Sponsorship Membership

‘If you have a company, you can choose Sponsorship Membership. That automatically makes you a Member of the club, but you can also offer promotional packages to our members as well as design events to promote your product or service. We feel it’s a win-win for everyone. ’

You have developed a good relationship with global business owners and expats? Why Gentlemen Driving now?

‘I have been working with and helping company managers for almost 20 years and have been an expat myself for almost 30 years. I established two international business projects which had millions of members. Now my focus is Gentlemen Driving. I run it as some kind of hobby, since I am retired for health reasons.’

Some of your members were lucky enough to enjoy the last track days at the Ascari and Monteblanco racetracks, both in Andalucía. What was the general feeling then and where are you going next?

‘When we do our drives and track days, there is always a very friendly atmosphere and a lot of ‘camaraderie’ going on. So much so, that this is one of our more popular events among our members. This past month we visited Ascari and Monteblanco, two very special circuits because of how technical and fast they are. On May 8th, we will be in Guadix Circuit, later this month, we will visit the track in Almeria, and in June we go back to Ascari and travel to legendary track at Spa Francorchamps. You can see the specific dates on the track days section of our website.’

You describe yourself as a ‘retired global entrepreneur caring for my sports cars, lovely wife and family’. Is Nicky surprised she comes second? (smiles)

‘Ha, ha…my wife knows that I love her more than anything else in the world.’

What is your personal favourite car that you own, or would like to own, in an ideal world?

I love both of my Cayman S 2009 model 987.2 that we adapted for the tracks. Once I have done what I can with these cars on the tracks, then I will need to change them to Cayman GT4. At home I drive my rally inspired Boxster, which is also very close to my heart as my everyday car.’

With the massive shut down that we just went through, how positive do you feel about reemerging when the pandemic is over?

‘We hope we can start our events again in mid or late May, but we will have to see what the local authorities in both Balearic Islands and Malaga say. Our members are dying to drive their cars, so there will be a big surge in interest for our club when our events start again, for sure.’

Are you and your team confident and ready to restart your schedule of events?

‘Yep, as soon as the lockdown is over, we will be in top gear and full speed ahead!’

Why do you prefer big or average minded people?

‘Ah… this is one of my favorite quotes.I don’t like ‘small people’ who are constantly complaining, gossiping and engaging in disputes. I like nice, friendly and intelligent people with positive ideas better. As simple as that.’

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