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July 2, 2020

Get fitter in just 40 seconds with CAR.O.L, a game-changer

Meet CAR.O.L – your new best friend. CAR.O.L is the state of the art, scientifically proven AI-powered stationary bike that is pushing the boundaries of everything we know about exercise. Many are calling CAR.O.L the future of exercise.

A ride on CAR.O.L gives you a personalised cardiovascular workout that has all the benefits of a 45-minute jog in under nine minutes. With only 40 seconds of hard work on each ride, you won’t even break a sweat.

Three short, tailor-made rides a week on CAR.O.L will increase your power and strength, burn calories, reduce insulin levels and blood pressure, and help you easily reach your fitness goals.

It sounds too good to be true, but CAR.O.L’s benefits are supported by independent, scientific peer-reviewed studies, including one by the prestigious American Council on Exercise. In that study, researchers conducted a randomised controlled trial and found that using CAR.O.L only two or three times a week doubled fitness gains and improved many key health markers faster than conventional exercise. It made the concept of exercising for 30 minutes five times a week obsolete.

CAR.O.L was invented by scientists who wanted to find out why people don’t exercise even though they know they should. They concluded that many people dislike lengthy workouts or don’t have time to go to the gym, change, exercise, shower and then travel back to work or home. However, with the rise in obesity and associated health problems such as diabetes, insulin resistance and high blood pressure, regular exercise is key for good health and longevity.

CAR.O.L’s inventors worked to find a way for people to get fit fast, using minimal effort to achieve maximum results in the shortest possible time.

Ratna Singh, one of the founders of CAR.O.L, says: “Once we had worked out that we needed to create something that would push you beyond what you can do in the shortest amount of time to reach supramaximal power, we realised that we had found the solution that could overcome people’s objections to exercising —and it can be achieved in seconds rather than slogging in the gym.”

CAR.O.L uses the principle of a “minimum effective dose” of exercise, which means working incredibly hard for only two 20-second sprints at high intensity. This principle had been discovered by scientists at the Wingate Institute over 50 years ago, but until CAR.O.L was invented it was impossible to achieve supramaximal peak power outside of a science lab.

CAR.O.L guides you through a short workout that is tailored to the rider. CAR.O.L stands for Cardiovascular Optimisation Logic, which is the software that the bike uses to calibrate the resistance every time you ride. As you get fitter, the bike ramps up the resistance – acting as a sort of automated personal trainer. You never have to change the resistance because the programme does so for you.

Because each ride is personalised, anyone from athletes to 80-year-olds can use CAR.O.L. The bike adapts to your ability and pushes you to the level that you can handle. It will never push you too hard and will slow you down if it thinks you are going too fast.

As you approach the 20-second sprints, the screen turns red for three seconds – your signal to start pedalling as hard as you can – before the resistance kicks in and slows you down. The goal is to push through and maintain your speed as much as possible during the sprints, resulting in muscle fatigue. Twenty seconds may sound short, but it definitely feels longer when your muscles are working at AI-determined maximum intensity.

During those 20 seconds of hard work, the bike puts you into fight-or-flight mode as if you were sprinting away from a tiger. CAR.O.L targets your thigh muscles and the glycogen in them, which are the biggest stores of sugar in your body. Our thigh muscles do not like to give up their energy source because our lizard brain is programmed to escape danger as fast as possible and run on command. But by working these muscles to their absolute max on CAR.O.L, your body will quickly use that glycogen. It then starts to urgently look for sugar and fat stored elsewhere in your body.
Depleting your muscles of glycogen stores also helps your body become more sensitive to insulin and better at burning fat for energy over time. Studies have shown that using CAR.O.L has a better impact on blood sugar than regular walking for people who are diabetic or insulin resistant.

Hyper-personalised and hyper-effective, CAR.O.L uses AI based on the data it collects about your body, including your weight and body composition, which helps you reach your fitness and weight loss goals faster than with any other form of HIIT or traditional exercise regimes. Not only does it save precious time, the personalised data means you can quantify your progress, helping you keep on track and motivating you to keep going.

Ratna says: “The peer-reviewed science behind CAR.O.L is well established and explains how and why CAR.O.L is a more effective and better workout than regular cardio. HIIT has been misunderstood. True HIIT or scientific REHIIT is very prescriptive, and that is what CAR.O.L is. CAR.O.L aims to be the smartest tech that knows you better than you do. I see lives being transformed as people who identified as non-exercisers become proud exercisers as they quickly see results and feel the benefits. CAR.O.L is changing the behaviour of sedentary people.”

Working out on CAR.O.L empowers people to lead healthier lives, get physically fit and feel good. Not only does it raise your fitness levels, but the endorphin release gives an incredible boost to your mental health.


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