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September 8, 2021

Get the best out of your wines with BODEGA43 dual-zone wine fridges

You realize that the traditional refrigerator will not give your wine the best treatment and is not the most optimal place to store your wine? This also applies to the basement. Wine needs a constant temperature that is neither too hot nor too cold. A wine cabinet takes care of your wine down to the last detail!

Wine fridge or wine cabinet?

The above names are often confused with each other when looking for a suitable device for storing the wine. The differences are there, technically speaking. The difference is in the cooling technology. The wine coolers of Winecoolershop.co.uk can cool and heat, the wine fridge is able to cool the wine on its own. Where heating applies if the refrigerator is placed in a cold environment. Or if the winter will cool the refrigerator to such an extent that the wine will freeze. The wine climate cabinet ensures that the wine always remains in the same position, no matter how hot or cold the ambient temperature is.

What do these devices offer your wine?

As mentioned before, the wine refrigerators and wine coolers are designed for only one purpose, which is to store your wine in the right climate. This includes creating an atmosphere with the right temperature and humidity. The cabinets also offer protection against UV rays and harmful artificial light thanks to a double-layer UV-protective glass door. A wine bottle should be stored horizontally to prevent the cork from drying out. Thanks to horizontal extendable drawers made of beech wood, the wine is placed horizontally in a bed. When storing wine for a longer period of time, a quiet and motionless environment is desirable. Vibrations will negatively affect the wine and destabilize the aging process. Therefore, make sure that the wine is placed in a wine fridge from BODEGA43 where peace and stability are taken seriously.

What would be the best spot for a wine fridge?

You are completely sold on the principle of keeping wine at its best with the help of a wine refrigerator or wine cooler. But where and how exactly can I place this device in my house? That depends entirely on your own wishes and wine experience. Ask yourself or anyone interested in where the wine is consumed. Are you a wine fanatic while cooking or more of a person who drinks wine during dinner or afterwards while having a drink? Do you prefer to sit at the dinner table, at the kitchen island, at the bar or on the couch in the living room? Would you like to present the wine or your collection to your audience or would you rather put it away somewhere?

BODEGA43 offers optimal options for those who love wine. Built-in wine cooler models for the kitchen or other interior, a freestanding wine cooler for the kitchen, living room or dining room. The devices have been specially developed for easy installation and also offer a 6-year warranty, so that you can safely store your wine under optimal conditions for a long time.

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