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June 22, 2022

Gift Guide for Dads

Choosing a gift for your father can be difficult, especially if he refuses to give any hints as to what he wants or always asks for the same gift regardless of the occasion.

Whether he’s a new father or well versed in all things dad-wise, returning a bit of the love and care that he’s shown you over the years is a great way to strengthen the bond between you.

Here, we’ll take a look at gift ideas to suit a wide range of budgets, so there’s bound to be something to make him smile.

Something meaningful

Despite what the exterior might say, we’re confident that your old man is a big softie deep inside – especially if he has little ones.

Tug on his heartstrings by framing up some old childhood photos or get him something that reminds him of being a kid again. Some of his favourite music on vinyl or a vintage bit of clothing from his glory days, perhaps!

A personalised video

Does your dad have a particular hero? Perhaps a sporting icon, a musical inspiration, or a television character that he grew up wishing he could be just like?

Well, why not see if that individual – or individuals – offer personalised fan videos? He can keep his shout-out to revisit time and time again, which we’re sure you will come to find endearing at every family function…

Subscription boxes with a difference

Films, beer, razors – yeah, they’re OK, but chances are you’ve already got Dad one of these (if he doesn’t pay for some of them himself already)!

How about a new cheese to try each month? A subscription to a new book each month? Or something really… really out of the box?

Something to keep him busy

A gift that can help your dad keep up with a favourite hobby is always a good idea. If he’s a keen gardener, why not get him a plant or set him the ultimate challenge of bringing something to life from seed? If he’s more of a DIY man, you could indulge this by buying him some tools.

Sometimes, the gift of time can be more than enough. If you don’t live with your dad anymore, simply turning up on his birthday, or even a random weekend, and spending some time together can be the best present of all.

Whether you go for a walk, a pint, something to eat or all three, just being there for a catch-up will definitely make his day.

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